Dec 24, 2013

Hong Kong Travelogue: The End (Day 4-10 Jun 2013)

Day 4 marked the last day I had in Hong Kong. As reluctant as I was, here I am in Malaysia as I was drafting this post. I surely miss Tim Ho Wan for the marvellous dim sum, the convenience of taking MTR to wherever I want, the skyscrapers and tower high malls.

Macaroni & Ham with Toast & Omelette + Hot Milk Tea at Da Jia Ai ("大家爱")

As much as I would like to enjoy my last day in Hong Kong, there was a flight to catch and a breakfast to rush for. I had my quick fix at Da Jia Ai ("大家爱"). Honestly speaking, I think many other local coffee shops in Hong Kong serve better ones. Macaroni & Ham was a disaster and nowhere close to comfort food (imagine cooking plain porridge, that was the taste you should be expecting). That aside, omelette and milk tea were alright. It was considered reasonably priced to local standard.

Sakurashima's egg tart

On the way to grab my cab, I managed to sneak into this Sakurashima and grab an egg tart. The tart was crispy (but less crumbly) and the custard was pretty smooth. It couldn't beat Tai Cheong's nonetheless. Guess the price says it all. This costed me half of Tai Cheong's (HKD 6).

Taxi to Hong Kong International Airport

I boarded this cab which was hailed to send me to my final destination in Hong Kong. Donned in the formal colours of red, white and black, taxis in Hong Kong was not visually different  from what we have in Malaysia. The journey was pleasant; no foul smell, no suspicious looking taxi driver.

Table of taxi charges

The journey to Hong Kong International Airport costed HKD170 but it was less strenuous considering the big parcel I was lugging with me. Within 20 minutes, I arrived at my destination. My taxi driver was kind enough to give me HKD10/20 discounts, don't know for what or why, and he helped me to load my luggage to one of the airport trolleys.

Entrance to the Hong Kong International Airport - Terminal 2

Similar to KLIA and LCCT, there is Terminal 2 for Air Asia flights. I pushed my trolley as slow as I can to take in the magnificence of the airport. Compared to our LCCT, hmm, I guess I don't need to say much.

AirAsia counters at P lane

I asked one of the airport staffs for direction and they pointed me to P lane. True enough, I could see the flashing red icons with the unmistakeable AirAsia words on multiple screens. Within 3 minutes, my luggage and parcel were checked in and I stood there with my small laptop bag. Following was plenty of walking to the airport train, then to the airport transit bus before I arrived at the designated terminal for my flight back to Kuala Lumpur.

Reluctance to go home

I was thirsty, tired and expecting a hunger to hit anytime soon. My attempt to grab a quick bite before boarding failed due to the limited choices they have. Hence, I went to Mannings (in Malaysia, they are called Guardian) to grab some Kinder Buenos and chips and pay them with Octopus card. I simply love how convenient Octopus card is as you can just swipe them at many places, be it convenient stores, Mannings or even eateries!

Amusing plug point spotted at Starbucks

The boarding gate remained close after I was done with my little shopping. I sat at Starbucks, without buying anything, and started to pull out my iPhone cable to charge my phone with this convenient plug point with USB feature. We should have some of these in Malaysia, don't you agree?

Queue to board AirAsia plane

As I sat there, reluctant to go home, announcement PA signalled the opening of boarding gate. People started to file up in front of the gate like a hungry hawk yet no entry was allowed. It was a brief wait until the queue started to disappear in front of me and I thought sadly, "Bye, Hong Kong!"

Yes, I am back to hot hot Malaysia

The flight back to Kuala Lumpur was a 4-hour journey. I regretted for not buying any water in Mannings (or do they have any to begin with?) and I came back to Malaysia, dehydrated. The next day I fell sick, hahaha! How typical.

To sum this up, this trip to Hong Kong was my first internationally and I am glad I've made it. I met nice people, had good food and visited new places. I couldn't feel any safer in Hong Kong despite my overly cautious attitude 24/7. As I was writing this, there is an upcoming Bali trip in January 2014, which I am seriously looking forward to!

Have fun and keep traveling :)


  1. Their T2 is like our KLIA! LCCT mcm bus sentral now... lol

  2. HiTomi,
    What a fun post! Both of your photos made me smile! You are so expressive.
    Not hot here. A polar like -3C today, and that's the warmest it will be today. Snowing outside as I type.

    I trust your Holidays have been full of happiness and Joy!!!!!


    1. I have never experienced temperature that low. It is amazing how you can still enjoy amidst the chilliness!


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