Oct 1, 2013

Gold Coast Morib Travelogue : Hokkaido Mille Crepe at Cafe Indulge (Day 2-12 Aug 2012)

My encounter with Mille crepe was dated two years ago in the state of Malacca but both of us did not know each other very well. Little do I know where it came from, little do I know who is its inventor. However, I remembered well of its skinny layering, its generous cream spread, its fluffiness and sweetness. Nadeje has definitely done justice to Mille Crepe.

I did not have a clue when this Mille Crepe fever started but many shops claimed that they serve the "best" Mille Crepe. Sorry folks, I just don't buy that. The next best Mille Crepe I could get in Klang Valley was Humble Beginnings, until Nadeje decided to spread its love for Mille Crepe to the people of Petaling Jaya.

Winding back to August 2012, after we had our unusual Toddy and curry iguana lunch, we embarked on a journey back to the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur. Before we parted, we made a sweet detour to Cafe Indulge at Jalan Kuchai Lama for some Hokkaido goodness.

Chocolate Mint Mille Crepe
Chocolate mint mille crepe

I had the impression it would be decent. However, it fell short of my expectation. Take this chocolate mint mille crepe for example, it looked more like chocolate rice mille crepe to me. A bite was totally sufficient to prove its awfulness. It was horrifying. Thank goodness it wasn't my piece of cake!

Rum & Raisin Mille Crepe
Rum raisin mille crepe

I ordered rum raisin mille crepe for myself. I had to admit it was quite an adventurous option as it was easier to screw this up. As expected, it borne faint flavour of bitterness and mild sweetness. Alcohol much? Also, these supposedly thinly crafted crepe was about 5 times thicker than Nadeje's. I was not quite satisfied with the delivery.

Tiramisu Mille Crepe
Tiramisu mille crepe

Another mate of mine ordered tiramisu mille crepe. I must say it was a safer choice. Decent enough, but again isn't tiramisu should have more cream cheese? Moreover, tiramisu without alcohol is like a climax that never came true.

Chocolate Supreme Mille Crepe
Chocolate supreme mille crepe

Being a chocolate fan, anything like this would make me go hesitant without fail. Albeit I did not get this myself, I managed to get a bite of this. After all, it was not as SUPREME as it claimed. I was expecting more intensity in its flavour but it did not come true.

Chocolate Banana Mille Crepe
Chocolate banana mille crepe

Somehow this reminded me of my smoothies made of HL chocolate milk blended with generous filling of banana. In fact, I find my smoothies tasted much better than this mille crepe. That being said, this was not too awful compared to the chocolate mint mille crepe. The touch of banana was great. Perhaps a little more chocolatey would make this better.

The Birthday Boy
Raymond with his chocolate mint mille crepe

The Birthday Girl
Li Ling with her tiramisu mille crepe

Criticism aside, we had two birthday boy and girl here with us, which pretty much WHY we were here. Heh, that face was before he had his chocolate mint mille crepe. What did he has to say about it? I had no clue.

Hooray! We grew up!
One year older, yay!

Happy belated birthday to Raymond and Li Ling.
You two are two years older now, considering the delay of this post!

Much loves,
Hitomi Ng


  1. It seems that i can skip this place but i had never been a mille crepe fan. A good piece of cheese cake and coffee are my favorite choice :P

    1. Mille Crepe and cheese cake, just give me both XD

  2. HiTomi, Very good food post! Sad that the flavours you were looking for were not at intense or satisfying as you were hoping to taste. From the photos one would expect these creations would taste great. I had to remind myself of experiences with crepes, that a crepe gets most, if not all of its flavours from fillings. With all the thin layers of crepe pehaps the crepe crowded out the flavour components.

    1. Photos can be deceiving :D It depends on how good is the photographer. Hence, don't ever believe good food photo! The crepes layers are too thick to be enjoyable. Cream was alright though.


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