Jan 10, 2013

Gold Coast Morib Travelogue : A Peep into Gold Coast Morib Resort (Day 1- 11 Aug 2012)

It was a 30-minute journey from Jipun Char Kuey Teow to Gold Coast Morib Resort. By the time we arrived, it was about 2PM. The sun shone so ever brightly that it almost blinded my eyes. Parking space is located behind the resort and it was pretty ample as we managed to get a car park without much circling. From the entrance to the check-in counter, it was like a maze that one can easily get lost here.

Our rooms!

Guess our organiser, Bernard, had got things covered. He led us straight to the lobby and got us our apartments in jiffy. Each apartment can accommodate 5 pax and it summed up to about RM130 each, inclusive of breakfast.

The Corridor
The corridor leading to our rooms

The resort was considerably new, judging by the paints and grills. Don't get me wrong, there was no smell of paints at all. Plus, the corridor was almost squeaky clean. The flooring, decor and color scheme., I liked them all.

The Dining Table
Helo, our living room :)

The guys got themselves an apartment, while us girls got ourselves another. Unlocking the main door, what greeted us was this warmly lit living room. Simple, yet homely, I want my house like this too! Oh, didn't I tell you that I like full length glass panel too?

The Bedroom in Mirror
My room (with attached bathroom)

The smell of new furniture couldn't be wrong; the bed sheet smelled fresh, albeit I would like a little lemongrass scent. There were three rooms in an apartment; two like mine, another with a single bed but unconditioned. If you asked me, they shouldn't have skimped on another unit of air conditioning for this tiny room. Ask yourself, if you had a group of 5, who will take that room?

The Basin
The white basin with toiletries

The room I shared was the only room with attached bathroom. Do pardon me for I have always wanted a basin like this, white and deep, just like a bowl. Toiletries was provided but I would prefer hotels or resorts to go eco way; instead of providing small bottles of toiletries, I seriously wouldn't mind shampoo, conditioner and soap dispensers.

The Rain Shower
Rain shower, shall we?

The sight of rain shower was delighting. However appearance alone wasn't suffice. The moment you stepped into the rain shower, preparing to let the rain fall on your body, you are so going to WTH so seriously. The shower was barely of any strength. Seriously, dear management of Gold Coast Morib Resort, this was not making it any better. Oh, not forgetting the toilet bowl too. It was not functioning properly after a few flush. Urgh, I wouldn't even want to paint that ugly picture to you.

The Garden
The Garden View from our room

Those aside, our room shared a pretty decent view too. Look at the sea and the old-fashioned Malay booths for one to smoke with a friend or two. Hmm, perhaps it is not so much of an Asian kind of thing but yea, you have got my point.

Exterior of The Venue
The Venue

Located next to be beach, The Venue is one of the restaurants in Gold Coast Morib Resort, where I had my breakfast on Day 2 (I would talk about it later okay?).

The Pier Restaurant

As for The Pier Restaurant, I really have no clue but it seemed like a night pub by the sea. Personally, I feel that it would be good to sit by the seaside and enjoy a beer or two and chit chat with friends. Don't you think so?

Lazy Me Time
In the meanwhile, I shall retreat to my bed and chill. See ya soon!

Gold Coast Morib Travelogue : It is us at Bukit Jugra & Jipun Char KueyTeow (Day 1-11 Aug 2012)

"A trip to Gold Coast Morib, what do ya think?"
That was the first question popped by an old collegemate of mine. Talking about the old times back in Tunku Abdul Rahman College, it has been 4 years since I last saw them. I blame it on the speed of time that ages each and every one of us. I guess it was time for nine of us to go for a trip and have our little bonding session.

The Sleepy Dudes
Breakfast in sleepy mode

Our day started with an early meet up, where 9 of us in 2 cars conjured for a brief breakfast session at Restaurant Ful Lai in Kuchai Lama. I had my breakfast at Kashmir Cafe with my tanner half so basically I watched these sleepy guys had their breakfast.

Overlooking the River Langat winding its way to the sea

I specially requested to try out the famous beggar chicken from Restaurant Bukit Jugra in Banting for lunch. However, luck wasn't on our side as our dear organiser did not make 3-day booking in advance. Nonetheless, we made a little winding trip up to Bukit Jugra and managed to catch this beautiful horizon.

The Freshly Made Pedicure
The ever welcoming blanket of green

The sun was considerably merciful on us near noon. The random breeze made it all sweeter. All of us were delighted at the promising view that welcomed us at the top of the hill. While some were busy shooting away, some were enjoying the warmth sitting on the soft blanket of grass. As for me, I did both!
The Fallen Leaves
The fallen leaf on Bukit Jugra

Little did I know that one can actually paraglide from Bukit Jugra too! Not until I started to google about Bukit Jugra as I was writing this post. Come to think of it, that flat ground surrounding the white house makes a perfect landing for paragliding activities. I should try this one day :)

The Jugra Posers II
8 of us here, then where is the 9th?

9 of us came here in 2 cars. Look at those happy faces! I trust that they enjoyed this little detour as much as I do. It would be perfect with beggar chicken but oh well! At a spur moment, one of us decided to replicate this photo of "You are the apple of my eyes" movie. Little do I know what is this movie about but I just played along. It was fun but the photo did not quite come out well.

Replication failed!

After awhile, some of them got bored and decided to walk down the slope on slippers. I was terrified by the idea of missing a step yet I had to catch up! Though it was fun, every step I took was beyond the  usual gingerness.

The Jump!
The Rock-and-Roll Jump

The slope winded to this nicely brick-parqueted flat ground where we did our little rock-and-roll jump! Well, it wasn't themed until the moment I started to write about it just because I did look like a rocker :p
Guess I need to train my jumping more.

Titanic Replication
The brokeback Titanic scene

I must say, these friends of mine are cute in their own ways. Funny, outgoing, and young (I hope so!). They just know how to have fun and I am always happy around them. Hee, clubbing too! Oh, by the way, the man in white was the organiser of this trip, Bernard, and the man in blue pants was my driver of this trip, Will :) Both are single and available!

Seven of Us!
More and more group pictures!

Before we left, we did a final group shoot. Ah, it did bring back some good memories; those times when we were young and naive, playful and mischievous.

The Solitary White House
How this huge white house became a miniature from the top of Bukit Jugra

On the way down from Bukit Jugra, we crossed path with this white house again. I had no idea how high is Bukit Jugra above sea level, but from the top of Bukit Jugra it was like a mini toy house. Nature does have a way on things eh?

The Organiser with Ma Chai
The organiser, Bernard with Aki on left and Fei on right

It took us an hour plus to reach this particular char kuey teow shop in Banting, named Jipun Char Kuey Teow, located at Jalan Beringin, off Banting’s main road. It was supposed to dark and moist char kuey teow but what I had on my table was this plate of dry and dark char kuey teow with my cup of unsweetened cold barley.

Jipun Style Char Kuey Teow
Dry and almost bland Jipun char kuey teow

For what I read about this supposedly wet Jipun char kuey teow and what I had tasted myself, consistency was one thing that was missing. Let's not talk about presentation for this RM3 char kuey teow, the taste was mainly eating black soy sauce itself and the noodle was dry and sticky. It was not spicy, not salty but bitter; the kuey teow was less oily (which was good, health wise), it seemed to be the wrong kuey teow selection. Overall, this was really bad.

Oh well, guess that is part and parcel of food hunting.

Signing off,

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