Sep 25, 2012


Heaving a deep long sigh as I am sitting down here, trying hard to study my CFA material efficiently in my office cubicle. Work is definitely slowing down due to the delay of completion of transaction. As much as I would like to motivate myself to read on the material relevant to my current engagement, I get distracted (easily).

There are too many things happening in these few weeks. Two competitions for KPMGians, two Toastmasters club meetings to be organised; being the newly appointed Vice President of Education ("VPE") is definitely a new challenge that I happily (a little naively) accepted. It was an unplanned, or rather surprise appointment due to the departure of the former VPE alongside with his resignation. Flipping through the yellow folder containing material to assist VPE in his or her responsibilities made it dawn upon me that this is not an easy task.

Too many things on my plate yet I am still figuring how to juggle all these altogether. It forces me to plan systematically and execute efficiently, which I think it is not a bad thing after all. The uncertain work flow is not making things any easy, hence it is a must-acquired-skill to be able to deal with any contingencies. On and off, I find myself lost; that list of priority is apparently not being followed well. Restless at times, thank you very much for my own disobedience.

Another long sigh is not going to help much, something must be done.
Well, I hear myself right, Something MUST be done!


  1. HiTomi,

    Studying for another exam. I trust that when you pass, the new certification will enhance your career with more opportunities to advance.

    You must advance or the world will never hear your commentary on the the latest financial issue of the day!


    1. Hi David, I have no doubt about the expansion of opportunities that lay in front of me. However, I am still undecided on which path to take.

    2. HiTomi,

      Just curious. What option or opportunities are available to you?
      New in your career, you will likely make several major course changes during the next 10 years, not to mention beyond.

      I have changed career fields three times in my working career.
      Changing tech, changes in govt. policies and markets will one way or another push into new paths.

      Be prepared! Life is more fun than any thrill ride. Perhaps not as dramatic or wet as class 3 rapids, but a ride nevertheless.



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