Apr 5, 2012

Openrice : Blessing in Disguise

I wouldn't have come across OpenRice, if it weren't because of him. I wouldn't have bothered to visit the site, if it weren't because of the inner child's curiosity on what he is working up to. OpenRice is a name that is still widely unknown to most Malaysians, but it is the foodie bible that most Hongkees would look into whenever they seek for dining options.

Fresh like a 3-month old newborn, OpenRice Malaysia has yet to achieve its potential growth. It must be luck that I won two prizes out of the first two campaigns ran in the past three months: a Philips Blu-Ray Player, and a Samsung Galaxy S2. However, he claimed that it is the outcome of good Karma.

What I liked about OpenRice Malaysia is the spirit to reward and not being stingy at all. Every submission of review means a chance for you in the running of their lucky draw prizes, and accumulation of reviews means you can redeem your prizes using your credit (which is the number of reviews).

This pink iPod shuffle serves as the proof of my tiny victory and the Philips Blu Ray Player and Samsung Galaxy S2 are the blessing in disguise.

Despite the fact that I missed being the lucky winner of the iPad 2 in the previous campaign, I am, in turn, being rewarded with this unexpected Samsung Galaxy S2. I am not complaining though :)

This time round, OpenRice Malaysia has once again put on the generous hat, in conjunction with the celebration of its restaurant and vouchers listings on their website. 5 lucky OpenRice members ("OpenRicers") would stand a chance to dine with Openrice Malaysia at Lai Ching Yuen Chinese Restaurant housed within Grand Millennium hotel, located along Jalan Bukit Bintang, in this Join & Dine Campaign. In addition to that, there will also be other cool prizes to be won in the lucky draw, such as 3 units of Canon IXUS 115HS, 3 units of iPod Touch 8GB, and 30 units of RM20 Starbucks card.

So the question now is "How do you stand a chance to win all these?"

To be frank, the answer is pretty effortless. All you have to do are:

  1. Register as a member on the website (http://my.openrice.com/registration/register.htm);
  2. Agree to sign up for newsletters and promotional information; and 
  3. Link your account to your Facebook account. 
Apart from a chance to win all these in this Join & Dine Campaign, OpenRicers enjoy prerogative such as access to exclusive vouchers, priority approval for food review submissions, special invites to our regular events, and updates on new features and contests. 

No sharing required, just a click to register, to sign up for newsletter, and link to your Facebook account. Voila! You are in the running of winning these prizes :)


  1. Yippee for Open rice! :)

  2. ooooo. you're a lucky girl! three cheers for openrice!

    1. I hope my luck would last me long enough :)


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