Feb 5, 2012

Speakeasy : Valentine ain't fussy

Thursday, 2 February 2012 (Rainy Day)

The last I have seen my boyfriend was at Kelana Jaya, sending him off to work before he flied to Hong Kong. I missed him so badly on the same day itself, probably because of the argument we had. The silly girl in me took over my body, I ended up sobbing after work on his bed. Few hours later, his iMessage appeared on my slightly smudgy screen of my iPhone 4S. A big smile carved on my face, a tingle trickled my heart. He always have such magical power to make my day.

12 days, less than two weeks, would be my first Valentine's Day with Him. Despite everyday being our valentine, the girlie me still feels excited about the "special" day to come. Forget about the shitty queue, lousy booking, rocket high price, ordinary menus, most restaurants are banking on to juice all the couples for the mere sake of Valentine.

A friend of ours happens to be consultant for this "underground gold mine" which is tucked away in a secret spot in town. Hidden in Ming Annexe Building, Jalan Ampang, this restaurant with a catchy name "Speakeasy Restaurant and Bar" did not fail to flatter with its Valentine menu despite its unusual pick on location. Oops, didn't I just say Valentine? Ours was celebrated a little earlier.

Fresh Canadian oyster, served with pernod pickled fennel and moluga caviar

I am not an oyster person. By all means, I would reject any oyster that is sent my way. When I first looked at this Canadian oyster, I was not persuaded at all, not until He gave an approving sign. I held the shell gingerly in one hand as I was quietly appreciating the texture, while another hand tried to scoop it up. Juicy, crispy, it was totally the opposite of what I thought oyster would be, which is slimy. The sour Pernod pickled fennel worked very well in balancing the oyster, of which it was one of the reasons why I managed to finish my oyster. It was officially the first place I had ever mustered my courage to swallow an oyster, no kidding, it was that good.

Double boiled chicken consommé, served with prawn and scallop quenelle, enoki mushroom and tempura baby asparagus

After we were done with the exotic oyster, what followed was this small portion but delicately made consommé.  The consommé looked so clear and understated. Definitely a healthy choice but too concentrated to be consumed on its own. In contrary, the quenelle was mild and undertoned the complexity of the dish. I must say it was a very interesting dish with an acquired taste, it might not be your cup of tea.

Home tea smoked salmon on boiled pink potatoes slices, Alaska crab creme fraiche, ikura pearls and organic petit sprouts

After the appetizers, we proceeded to the primi, which was this home tea smoked salmon. A simple set up with an artful play of colors, it was appetizing to both the eyes and tummy. Similar to the consommé, smoked salmon had this intensifying flavor that one would usually shiver at the end of every bite. The pink potatoes absorbed the essence of the smoked salmon with crab creme fraiche, and texturized the whole dish alongside with the organic petit sprouts. It was so rich that we felt full just as we dug into less than half of our dish.

Red Wine Braised Ribeye on truffle scented mash, topped with seared foie gras, grenadine onion marmalade and merlot glace

We were given a choice between beef or fish, but we decided that we could use some beef, considering the primi that we just had. Thinking the top layer was "beef", I sliced it into a smaller version of "beef cube" and commented that this "beef" was so smooth and no resistance at all. He laughed at me and told me that was foie gras. I literally slapped my forehead. The braised ribeye was  pretty tender, with slight resistance that wasn't too hard to overcome. When paired with a small piece of foie gras and some mash, it resembled mascarpone on the beef, sans the cheesiness, further muted by the mash and sweetness kicked in by the grenadine.

Chocolate Rose with passion fruit and lime infused honey dew.

Last but not least, our dessert of the night. Never have we thought Speakeasy would be this good. We were impressed by almost every dish and we were charged with slightly high expectation towards the dessert. I was smiling to myself when they served the chocolate rose. It looked better than I thought so. However I found myself liking the chocolate wipe and crunchy almonds, as the texture of the chocolate rose was too tough and felt like a piece of tasteless rubber.

The night ended well with two bloated tummies and happy faces. This early Valentine was good, thanks to Speakeasy for doing such a great job. For the fine dining like experience and the delicate 5 courses above, it is just RM150++ per pax. What do you think?


  1. oh yummy...the boy should be back as I reply...right?

    Yet to try speakeasy. Will love to drop by soon:D

    1. Yeap, he just touched down 5 hours before your comment was posted.

      I am surprised at their delivery of quality despite of their rather odd location.
      Would love to try it some other days when traffic isn't much of a concern :)

  2. Replies
    1. Personally I think the price is reasonable for the quality of food they deliver.

  3. OMG, so yummy..the dishes looks nice..
    Btw, girls are the same; same here, although just argue but I really hope he would take the 1st step, sms or whatever. =]

    Wish you an early Valentines!!

    1. For that price, you wouldn't say it is cheap either. You can give it a try this Valentine. If you need help for booking, just let me know. I will hook you up with the consultant.

      Early valentines to you too my dear!

  4. Hi Hitomi,

    Thanks for the interesting post & great photos!

    Love the oyster & salmon photos.

    Hope you will have a great Valentine's this year.


    1. You are welcome and thank you too!
      Have a great and memorable valentine too!

  5. wow.. cant wait to celebrate its with fabulous meal..

    1. What is your plan this year? (I wouldn't tell your girlfriend :))

  6. The oyster looked awesomeeeee^^
    so high class!

  7. For a non oyster fan whom does not even swallow an oyster, this was awesome! I see you are an oyster person :)


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