Jan 4, 2012

OpenRice : Malaysians' foodie juncture

OpenRice wasn't a name familiar to me, not until lately, where I was told it is by far the largest food directory in Hong Kong, and Singapore. With its ever growing appetite to hold more countries captive, the beast has landed onto the neighbor of Singapore, which is my home country, Malaysia.

My first impression of OpenRice was "Huh? Hoi Fan (in cantonese)?"
I guess most of us would be probably stunned for few seconds before you came to realise it is not a joke :D Sounds like a good prank no?

A : So yea, it is a directory, so what?
Me : So yea, put in your restaurant / food reviews now and get yourself rewarded!
A : Ma fan (Susah) nehh...
Me : Don't worry so much, very easy only!

Launched at 3pm Malaysia time on 3 Jan 2012, OpenRice Malaysia had finally made its RAWR and not only that, it came prepared with claws and armors!

Whenever you don't know what to eat, go to www.openrice.com.my
Whenever you want to find out a place that you heard of, go to www.openrice.com.my
Whenever you feel like criticizing or evaluate the food you just had for breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner or supper, go to www.openrice.com.my

The change is imminent, please tell me you don't want to miss out this fight, not this time, our fellow Malaysians. It is time for you to be heard and share the bigger piece of glory!

So what are you waiting for? Go to www.openrice.com.my now!


  1. registered, and can't wait to contribute XDXD

  2. @ isaac tan :
    Cepat cepat oh! Grab yourself an iPod shuffle :D

  3. Yay! Can contribute but sikit saja.

  4. @ Sherrie Pui :
    I believe OpenRice will cover Kuching soon. Then you can contribute alot!

  5. have you conributed? can;t wait tow rite more and grab the rewards:D

  6. @ missyblurkit :
    Yeap I did 4 yesterday night! Pending approval :D


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