Jan 23, 2012

BCard : An ideal gift for your loved ones

A twist of fate was purposefully crafted from the very first place, that two individuals would meet each other two years ago and bump into each other one year after, which was when the final picture was revealed to all. Both of us are deliverable in the process. It wasn't an easy process; we fought, we cried, but we recollected the broken pieces and moved on.

26th Jan was neither a festive day nor a special day worth celebration of for the past 22 years in my life but Him being in my life changes the whole ball game altogether. Tough decisions, if you asked me, on what should be the perfect gift or where should be the perfect place for His birthday celebration, which fit within my budget. Even He himself would hesitate for the longest time ever.

Of course I wouldn't be able to afford everything that He wants, considering the differential ratio between our salaries. Perhaps a lifestyle reward card, which allows instant redemption of points on food and beverages, books and magazines, would be an ideal gift as he loves food (more than he loves me?) and casually enjoys reading self help books and magazines (He is practical that way :)).

Similar to Bonuslink card that most would have, I came across this BCard, which allows you to accumulate point as you swipe, and allows you to redeem cash discounts at BCard merchants, partially and instantly. No registration fee, No application for redemption and No waiting of delivery of vouchers are required for a lifetime membership. Alternatively there is this BGift Catalogue which you could redeem your points for gift vouchers too.

I think we could use some fine dining at Sampling at 14th, shop for magazines at Borders, fly on Berjaya Air or stay in Berjaya hotels for a casual getaway. All in all, it sounds perfect to us. I guess there is no slight hesitation that I should fill up the BCard application forms for both of us now.


  1. Interesting picture. :)
    Not sure what you're rambling though. LOL.


    1. Perhaps you are not following through well :) Thanks for the comment nevertheless!

  2. @_@ u sound emo~... well take care =D

    1. I admit I was alittle emo as I wrote the first paragraph but I am alright :) Thanks for your concern. How was your CNY going?


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