Dec 7, 2011

Frontera : Christmas Done in the Mexican Way

Arrival of the month of December has never fail to excite me.
Despite the difference in religions, my exuberance toward Christmas is apparent and unpretentious. 
I love singing Christmas carols and it never fail to carve a big smile on my face at its very end.

Of big stuffed turkey and heart warming feast, this is how my Christmas would be like.
Perhaps we shall do it in the Mexican way this time, but wait, the bigger question is where?
Located in Jaya One, Petaling Jaya, Frontera Sol de Mexico is definitely the place to go as they claim that they are the ONLY restaurant that serves authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex.

Their Christmas set was indeed unusual.
You could have expected something typical, but what greeted us warmly was this watermelon agua fresca.

I know you must be thinking "It is just watermelon juice, what is so special about this?"
The secret lied in the piece of lime and it made whole lot of difference.
The taste of sugar was nowhere to be found. What dominated this drink was the natural sweetness of watermelon, intertwined by the sourish presence of lime.

Our dinner kicked off with a subtle entreƩ.
This traditional tamales was indeed a temptress. There she was, waiting silently, for the right moment to reveal its beauty and the moment had came.

Its resemblance to Chinese dumpling was evident but it tasted totally different.
The chicken fillings was cooked in a very different style; the masa, a corn based starchy dough, gave tamale a flaky texture, yet sufficiently hold them in piece.

Optionally, you could go for this roasted butternut squash soup, drizzled with sage pesto.
It might not looked impressive but it was good. If I were to choose between this or traditional tamales, I would definitely go for this!

At the first glance, it reminded me of pumpkin soup, just that it was much diluted, less sweet and not as creamy.
The flavor of butternut was crisp and fragrant, which very much depends on how well it was roasted.
However what made this dish perfect was the sage pesto as it balanced out the overall flavor.

Here came the mains.
There are four options for mains in the Christmas menu, of which they are home-made Pucbla-style turkey mole,Veracruz-style baked fish, BBQ beef ribs, and mesquite smoked turkey.
And this was my mesquite smoked turkey which came with cranberry chipotle relish, jalapeno corn bread dressing, candied sweet potatoes, broccoli florets topped with chili con quesco.

I was totally tricked by the chunks of sweet potatoes. Thinking it was grilled carrot, I decided to start with the least favorite of mine. It melted instantaneously the moment I popped it into my mouth. Gosh, it was orgasm!
The jalapeno corn bread was good too. As expected, it tasted more or less like tamales, but its texture was closer to cake.
What about the turkey? Perhaps this was the softest and smoothest turkey I have ever had in my life!
It was so well done that you could have thought that this was chicken.

Soon after we were done with our mains, Ramesh, the restaurant manager, brought us some of his sangria.
Instead of brandy, he decided to make his with rum and red wine.

The kick of alcohol was so intense that I found it hard for me to finish.
You could choose this over watermelon agua fresca but for those who are adventurous, this would definitely be the right choice for you.

I was already struggling to finish the last chunks of my turkey, then Ramesh brought more food.
Fat Die Me!

My boyfriend has been telling me how lovely is the key lime pie served in Frontera, and guess what, finally I had the chance to try!
And the good news is it is included in the Christmas.

I wanted to try so badly that I couldn't wait any longer for my bf to finish shooting. Look at the burn, don't you think it was so sexy?
My spoon dug in effortlessly as I drooled over it. It was so light, silky and smooth, almost like tofu. The flavor was like concentrated lime juice mixed with cream.
It was good but I would prefer it to be denser and firmer than it was.  Nevertheless, my taste buds clamored in agreement of my brilliant choice

Not fancy of sourish dessert, fret no more, as you could just order yourself this peach tres leches cake.

For the first time I did not feel disgusted over the overly colorful sprinkles.
The peach was very fresh, and cake was fine but not chokingly dry.
It was decent but you were to ask me this or key lime pie, you know what my choice would be.

If you ask me, RM55 for Frontera's 3-course Christmas menu will be the most worthwhile deal ever.
Yes, you would get yourself bloated with good food, and to experience Christmas in a different style.
Got a party to throw this Christmas, no worries, Ramesh will go all out to cater for your needs.


  1. Hitomi!

    Thanks :)

    I just saw the review.

    Hope to host your party this Thursday too :)


  2. @ Ramesh :
    Hello there, you are most welcome :)
    Looking towards more fantastic food from Mr Ramesh himself...

  3. HiTOmi,

    A truly inspired post with great photos!

    The food makes one hungry after reading your delightful description.

    Butternut Squash soup is excellent. A true comfort food here in the cold northern tier of the world. BTW, Butternut Squash soup is common throughout North America. I have enjoyed several variation made from locally grown Butternut squash and other yummy ingredients.

    Sadyly no photos of the lovely HiTomi.


  4. @ David :

    Glad to hear that you are able to enjoy butternut squash soup easily :) How nice if I could have it for breakfast!

  5. RM 55! :)...

    owh well I gonna try it soon!!!! XD

  6. wow.. A very nice way to try Mexican way celebrating Christmas!

  7. @ Kian Fai Koh :
    If you order beef rib or sangria, you need to top up alittle oh~

    @ Nikel Khor :
    Yes indeed!

  8. I can't the "facebook this" or "tweet this" button :(

  9. since u add "tweet this", add "facebook this" also lah

  10. @ Ramesh V :
    Haha I tried but still got alittle technical difficulty.


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