Dec 29, 2011

Aunt Ann's : Roast pork is on my way!

It is a relief that I simply could not contain, that I was not born to be a vegetarian, or Muslim. To some, it is not a choice that they have to forgo the luxury of knowing how meat (perhaps certain meat) tastes like. It is like "Oh my gosh, you have no idea what you are missing!".

For the past twenty three years, meat has been part and parcel of my life. I think I could live without meat for a day (or two?) but for the rest of my life, chances are, it is not even close to 0.01%! The idea of barbecued chicken wings, grilled lamb, roast pork, or grilled lamb would always make my saliva drooling. Perhaps yours too?

Porkity pork as I might be, the texture and taste of pork has never fail to intrigue me. My idea of a perfect roast pork was simple : crispy skin, juicy meat and a thin layer of fat. Subsequently it was refined to those from Kuala Lipis Noodle. Fat, nevertheless, but the moment it landed in my mouth, it just dissolved in mere seconds!

My conventional idea of roast pork is generally what most of us perceive to be, but Aunt Ann begs to differ. Instead of the usual cut, she uses pork shoulder, which is comparatively less oily and meaty. Don't you think it sounds less sinful to indulge in roast pork now?

The skin was roasted to golden crispiness as it should be, and the ratio of meat to fat was promising. Despite the mild saltiness, it was well compensated with a complex flavor from the herbs she used. The choice of cut did not fail to impress, in contrary, it is a healthier way of preparing roast pork - less oily, juicy and flavorful nevertheless.

Besides the roast pork, I found Aunt Ann's version of roast lamb was rather unusual too. One of her differentiation factor was, again, the choice of cut. Look at the roasted lamb leg, what do you think?

The roast lamb leg was gloriously coated with rosemary, garlic and different types of herbs, which gave the meat a distinct flavor and aroma which was nothing close to the usual lamb I have. The choice of cut was  lean and nearly fat-less but surprisingly it was nothing close to dry.

I am not a big fan of lamb as it usually has the gamey taste which I find it annoying. However, there was not even a slight hint of gaminess of which I found it pretty impressive. When paired with her homemade sauce, it kicked in further moisture and enhanced the overall flavor of roast lamb. Overall, it was satisfactory.

Interested to try some homemade roast pork or lamb? I am sure Aunt Ann would be more than happy to take your orders.


  1. HITomi.

    I could not agree with you more!!
    "Porkity pork as It might be, the texture and taste of pork has never fail to intrigue me."

    You say all there is to really like about pork!
    The lamb looks beautiful and likely that taste supports the obvious care in preparation and presentation.

    Sigh, I really must control the sudden urge to go out and find some really good pork...

    Again have a Happy and safe New Year. Lucky HitOmi, the first of two New Years celebartion.

    We be back at work when the Chinese New Year celebrations take place.


  2. Roast pork, I love that!

  3. the roast lamb looks good, but too bad i can't eat lamb, so i will try the roast pork instead :) nice one!

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  4. @ David :

    Pork goes very well with German beer :D
    In fact, there is this german restaurant named "Brotzeit" in Malaysia that serves good beer and good pork!
    Aha, now that is the killer of my diet.

    Oh before I forget, I would like to wish you Happy New Year and may the new year be a kick ass good year!

  5. @ Nikel Khor :
    Nyek, who don't?

  6. @ Fish :

    Owh, too bad, at least you can eat pork :D we should be glad no?
    I think it would be a good gift for Chinese New Year too!

  7. I am reading this post on an empty stomach and I see the luscious meat. Stomach growls...and I am almost grabbing my my screen to chew the meat pictures off!

    Happy new year babe!

  8. @ missyblurkit :

    Don't!! Next time you can't see my blog post anymore :(

  9. man I can feel the crispiness skin of the roasted pork now! :D

  10. @ Kian Fai Koh :
    Hehehee, good imagination!


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