Sep 24, 2011

Ristretto Cafe : Every drizzle matters

I believe it was the similar feeling of emptiness that most would encounter on a burning hot afternoon during holiday while all the planning turned out to no avail. The pressing heat labored its way to irritate. It wasn't a question whether it would eventually got on my nerves.

Waking up in an empty house did not help, for sure. Hollowness grew exponentially. I heaved a deep sigh and thought to myself "I need food and cold air. Time to get myself out of this oven."

It had never occurred to me that it was such a difficult decision. I asked myself, "What shall I have?", again and again. It was a laborious process involving identification of options, evaluation of the distance, time and cost, and in seek of what would strike the mood best.

Somehow, a cup of good coffee sounded ideal.

It begs to differ from the glorified Starbucks. It upholds the principle of simplicity. It believes the hail of a cup of good coffee is attributable to the finest details in making quality espresso.

From the selection of coffee beans

To intricacy of espresso machine

And skillfulness of the Barista

On top of all, it believes Only a hearty Barista is capable of unveiling the soul of coffee.

Donned on the simplest d├ęcor of black and white, it is serenely nestled in 10 Mont Kiara condominium, where only the usuals would know. It is homely and unpretentious where the unmistakable aroma fills the air with much enthusiasm.

Warmth was all I felt. Nothing is better than spending some time here with my MacBook Air and a cup of good coffee, sans the bustle of crowds, and humidity.

Every drizzle matters.

Ristretto has definitely done it right :)


  1. HiTomi,

    Cooler days are here in NA. Fall brings more wind, cool rainy days and colour change on trees that is natures last burst of activity before winter puts all things green into a 6 month slumber.

    Cooler days are indeed made tolerable with a great coffee. Your photos are enticing.

    On some fall day ahead I will relax with my favourte warm coffer in the local coffee shop, and while you sleep, browse your sites latest musings on my WIN 7 laptop.


  2. @ David :

    I always wonder how would it be like to live in a four season country. Perhaps someday I will be able to visit those places.

    It is great to see you dropping comments now and then. Window 7 is very user friendly. I am currently using Macbook Air :)

  3. hahahahaha.... the glorified starbucks... for me it's a nightmare to drink any beverages there. Would like to try ristretto someday :)

  4. The photos are amazing, and yes.. a true Barista knows how to make a 'soulful coffee'.. Thats why I love Starbucks!

  5. HiTomi,

    Japan and Korea are close, and have all four seasons. Winter snows, and winter sports are very popular in those nations.

    The opportunity for for amazing winter photos are all over the web.


  6. @ Clevermunkey :
    You should! For the price of "glorified starbucks" you can get twice or thrice of your money value!

    @ Cyril Dason :
    I wouldn't purposely buy Starbucks if you were to ask me. Starbucks is too commercialised!

    @ David :
    I want to feel it myself. Someday, I will visit one of those four season countries :)

  7. helloo friend
    from Turkey
    be happy


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