Sep 15, 2011

Gone were those days (Pasar Seni & Petaling Street)

Daily hecticness has never failed to suffocate me. On and off, I take a little breather, recollect every tiny little pieces of things in life, and move on. Nothing comes easy, this I know. I just have to keep fighting to keep me sane, and make me a better person.

I wouldn't deny the fact that sometimes I do wish that time traveling was made possible. I wish I was back to those days when worries and troubles were foreign objects. I wish I could be a little child once again.

I still remembered how I used to play with the small figurines and imitate every single character that I know about or imagine as.

*Holding my nose and speak "I am your faaaatherrrr...."*
This was how naivety played its part in my life. I was merely self entertaining :)

Despite the fact that I did like role playing, the same sense of disconcertation flushed me every time I attempted to read those black and white character drawing and the "glorified" sound effects.
No, I was not a big fan of comics, Manga, or anything similar. "No, thanks!" had been and still be my answer but Jeremy loves it no less.

Did you still remember the very first time you ride on a bike? Oh yea, I remembered that well.
"Daddy daddy, I am scared..I don't waaaaaa..." *the voice trailed off, followed by a big bimblangbompiang* LOL, that was me, falling off from my first bike.
I was jumping in joy the moment my eyes landed on a new bright red bike standing right in front of me and my dad offered to teach me how to ride it.
My heart was beating faster as the exhiliration charged into every single cell of my body. Enthusiastically, I padded as my dad stablized the bike. Little did I know that he released his grip way earlier before I thought so.

Getting excited that I finally know how to ride a bike, I fell terribly in split second.

Stabilizing a bike, FAIL; Falling badly, PASS!
Nevertheless, it was fun learning how to ride a bike despite the painful fall.

Oh well, this life that we left behind has only to be stored as memories. Time waits for no man and we have to move on.

Eventually, I am addicted to this new toy, Photography and writing blog has been the prime motivating factor for me to be able to shoot like a professional. It is no longer new to me now but yes, nothing comes easy. It takes time and of course, money, to be able to shoot like one.

Guess I have a much longer way to go. A little adventurous self is needed!


  1. hahaha, loving ur blog more each day(^^)~

  2. HitOmi,

    Fantastic photos!
    You took me back into memories from decades ago.

    That first fall off my bicycle....OUCH.

    The last two photos could take one to so many places in the memory.

    It is great fun to watch a great photographer in the making!!


  3. love the photos here Hitomi

  4. @ xjion89 :
    Thank you so much! You definitely fuel up my spirit to blog.

    @ David :
    To a certain extent, we wish that we could go back to those old days and experience it once more.

    @ Isaac Tan :
    Thank you Mr Isaac :)


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