May 6, 2011

Gua Tempurung: There lies a beauty

The sun shone brightly right above my head
Every single molecule of oxygen around me was bouncing in an invisible energy that I could only feel as it pressed harder against my skin as every second passed
Sweats started to form and I grunted my disgust

I just don't like to be in the sun
I would rather die in cold than die in oven
But the pulse under my wrist tells me that I am still alive and I am not cold blooded
I have to live with heat, whether I want it or not

But the question is "Are you afraid of darkness?"

Darkness alone
Violates the existence of human kind
Darkness alone
Violates the basis of survival of all livings on Earth

Driven by 99% curiousity and 1% worry, I lived up a journey into the centre of Earth

A place where Dark Lord rules

Every step I took was tentative

For fear that I might fall into a hole of unknown depth and uncertainties

It was a new dimension I was living in

It was spacious but unreachable
I stretched my hands and groped but nothing in grip.

I stood in silence
It took me minutes to adjust to the surrounding darkness
My eyes had difficulty in focusing on what lays ahead of me
My hands were trying hard to hold on to my camera

My heart fluttered.
My mind swirled.
I told myself this ain't gonna be easy.

The dimming yellow lights that seem to waver at touch was my sole consolation in the cavern of darkness.
I took a deep breath and pushed myself to take another step.

Surrounded by shadows and haunting forms

It was ghoshish in Gua Tempurung
I could feel the pressure trying to penetrate my skin but I was not sweating
It was not heat but cold stagnant air and particles that filled my lungs

A sense of familiarity struck me.
Slowly, I eased up.
My heart was no longer dominated by fear
But curiousity and amazement.

It was when I started to realize that
There is a centuries beauty drowning in deep sleep

Her beauty is beyond comparison, beyond description
It is a masterpiece that accumulated centuries after centuries of effort.
I gasped and stared in amazement.

Someone pushed me and I staggered.
Deeper we went
To the stream that runs freely without the existence of living, without the existence of sun, deep inside the beauty.
It was cooling but murky.

It was the aqua symphony playing in the background that my soul sought temporary serenity
Despite the obstacles ahead, my body started to adapt to the curves and bents, highs and lows
As if I belong to this part of the world

It was too soon to be ended

The sun had finally found its way penetrating into the darkness
I winced and cowered at the piercing brightness
My feet stood in the stream, refusing to move on.

My body is missing the chilling sensation that only the beauty has got to offer
Right now. Badly.
I would definitely be here again, One day.


  1. HitOmi,

    Now a spelunker!

    Caves can be both beautiful and mysterious.

    Great imagery!


  2. @ David :
    Yes, I have to admit it!


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