May 16, 2011

The first lush green beauty of Malaya

I could not suppressed the overwhelming joy from squirming out deep inside me when I realised the very first day this beauty is born in this land of Malaya.
Despite 131 years of age, she still looks stunning.

I felt her, in the whispering wind sweeping against my cheek;
I stood in awe, in the lusciously green piece of land under my feet.

Barely touching the keys, she plays the most hypnotizing tune;
Nearly inaudible the melody, I seeks the momentary peace in it.

Fragile looking bamboo swaying with the breeze and battered looking bicycle resting alongside the passage;
This is the nostalgia of hers.

Days when youthful and enthusiasm are the fuel of her life had faded away,
Leaving behind the charred facade that only Master of Time is capable of making.

Despite all the thrusts the Master of Time has threw on her, she does not succumb to fragility.
Her bravery to walk on the Path of Hell and born as a new leaf is worth respecting.

With a mysterious veil covering her face but her charming eyes, intriguing is all I feel, from the moment I start to see her real beauty.

It is the first lush green beauty of Malaya
It is Taiping Lake Garden, Perak.


  1. HitoMi,

    Beautiful photos!

    The green toe nails a very nice touch!

    Your words tell a wonderful story about your country!



  2. @ David :
    I love that green nails so much in the picture!


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