Apr 6, 2011

One handless St. Francis Xavier

It was ages since I last visited the land of Malacca

It is the land where Parameswara had discovered in his search of refuge
It is the land where Afonso de Alburquerque had conquered from Sultan Mahmud Shah
It is an honor of mine to share the sheer sense of glory that words alone could not express

700 years of history
Porta de Santiago, standing strong and firm, despite the years of rain and wind, and bombs that were silently eating up its body

This is the land of mysteries
Like a young and attractive woman, hiding under the sheer black veil that fails to hide her inner beauty
* the Voiceless agony at St Paul's Church *

I still remember the good old days when I used to nail my butt on the miniature chair of pink and grey, rest my chin on my folded hands on the "artistically painted" (with liquid paper and pencil) brown table, and fascinate by the interesting stories told by my history teachers.

About how Parameswara came across this piece of land
* Christ Church at Stadthuys *

About how Afonso de Alburquerque conquered the existing empire
* St Paul's Church *

If only my history teachers would have been so kind to bring us for a learning tour in Malacca, which obviously never happened.
I strongly believe that we could learn to appreciate more this way

For we are able to see
* St Paul's Church *

To hear
* Queen Victoria Fountain at Stadthuys *

To feel how my life would be
if I were to born in that era

700 years of history
10 years of mortality
Should we not appreciate the treasure box that lays right in front of us?
Sad to say, these chaps are from my era. 
*shakes head*

Walk of randomities
Sight of irregularities
A little detour from the tourist attractions in the next post shall we?


  1. HitoMi,

    A wonderful and touching post!


  2. @ David :
    Thank you :) *bow*

  3. HiTomi,

    Your writing style has matured with your personal growth into a young women!

    Your awareness of history puts you light years ahead of your contemporaries concerned only with the latest and greatest.

    Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat its past mistakes, goes a very old adage.


    Another bow please!!!


  4. @ David :
    Hey there, thanks! in fact it is slowly evolving into another style :)

  5. I love your context, in both writing style and pictures. May there be plenty more to come!

  6. @ marcky :
    Thank you! I really have to thank this person :)


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