Apr 1, 2011

A little Not too little boy

A little too old for me but a little not too little for him.
We are living up a nearly undisputable philosophy of life

Once upon a time,
there was this little boy who never fail to wish that he grows older every single day, never fail to imagine how he would be when he grows up every single minute.

Is the wish granted?
Of course it Happens
It happens anytime, everytime
On you, on me, on the stranger walking on the wet street in rainy days, on the beggars shivering at the lone passageways at nights

And hey, did we not growing up watching Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast ourselves?
Have you ever fantasized that someday, the Prince would come and marry you or you would be rich and marry Princess Jasmine?

This little boy has now grown up
Iphone, Ipod, Macbook, Xbox, Nintendo Wii eliminates the once long lived fairy tales that we used to believe in and dream about every single night

Realism kicks in and life gets materialistic
There is no genie in the bottle
There is no 3 wishes for you to wish for eternal beauty, long-lasting wealth, and unprecedented power
All that you have got is you, you and You

Why are you still hanging around here?
Start living your fantasies!


  1. glad that i've lived through a wonderful childhood of catching fishes in stream and drains, swim during floods, lastik burung, climb fruit trees and so many more! :)

    slowly, all these seemed to be stories we are going to tell our future children, lol...

  2. HitOmi,

    Childhood is a special time for growing.

    Living ones fantasies is far more difficult.

    I would like to climb mountians or sail around the world.

    The expense and danger of these have tempered my desire for things so dangerous.

    I have in my life now love and affection I could not have fantasized in my youth.

    The love from my wife and other family members could never have been dreamt.

    Fantasies can be fun and some can be very unusual.

    Reality however can never be equaled!


  3. @ kyle :
    I always wish I have childhood like yours! *envy*

    @ David :
    I have found the love of my life now. I wish it could last till the end of my life :)

  4. it has been some time i visit your blog.. anyways, visiting here with a smile ~~~

  5. HiTomi,

    If the love of your life is geniune and true, then it will endure a lifetime!

    Then the best of your life is yet to come!



  6. Is there only one childhood for everyone? I am relieving mine, through my kids haha. (they grow up all too fast)

  7. Hitomi dearest, my senses tell me that your wish will come true as long as we continue to make an effort :)

  8. Andy,

    Living and playing with children is great.

    Sometimes I am biggest, (and grayest) 4 yr old, 6 yr old or 7 yr old.

    Playing with my many nephews and nieces is keeping my youth going and going...

    You know how special love and affection from a child can touch ones heart.

    Nothing is more geniune than love from a child!


  9. @ Mr Lonely :
    Thanks for dropping by :)Have a nice day, would you?

    @ David :
    I guess he will be happy to see your comment :)

    @ marcky :
    I will try my best to!

    @ David :
    Purest and unbiased. Instinctly guided. That is why kids can be adorable at times.

    Sometimes I wish I am still a small girl


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