Apr 13, 2011

6th Venezuelan Gastronomic Festival 2011

The symmetrically triangular orderliness of wine bottles stacking above one another in the chiller
The faint sparkle on culinary casted by the dimmed yellowish light warming up the atmosphere
The orderly placed glasses, forks, and spoons, which seem to be measured by milimetres of distance from one another

The moment I have stepped into Samplings on Fourteen Restaurant
My subconscious mind shouted "Hey, are you INSANE?! This is Fine Dining!!"
*Colors of Venezuela*
I smugged and replied
"Welcome babe, you are IN the 6th Venezuelan Gastronomic Festival 2011!"

5 Miss World, 6 Miss Universe, 6 Miss International and 1 Miss Earth
Venezuela has never been more familiar to me than the compelling beauty of their Miss Pageants.
The mesmerizing smile, electrifying eyes, hourglass figures are all well packaged into the Venezuelan.

But when it comes to food, I know nothing more.
The sheer authenticity and culture of Venezuela has never been more perfect than this closed-door media preview for the 6th Venezuelan week in Malaysia.
It was my Virgin experience and I could not be any whiney about it for where else could I have the best first time?

Here goes my entrees
Cream of Plantains with almond crisps and olive oil
(Sopa de platano verde adornada con almendras tostadas)

Curiousity aroused?
What is plantain?
It is like Banana, but instead of eating it raw, you cook it.

Visually, it was not as flattering but It was the most unusual taste ever!
The first sip of cream of Plantain, it was like thousands of plantain armies squirming through the taste buds
The smell of plantain sticks right there, refusing to leave until you take another sip of red wine

A tinge of sourish, faint but enough to tease
The only familiarity I sought in the cream of plantain, is the smell of Dahl that I have no idea where it would possibly come from.

It was smooth and light, a perfect entrees it is!
I wish I have more to go with :)

Next up, the main for the night
Spotted stingray and plantain pie with coconut sauce and pineapple
(Pastel de chucho con salsita de coco con ensalada de pina y lechugas troceada de vinagreta blance)

Ahhh, another trick eh?
It definitely don't look like stingray to me
And I guess they must be loving plantain alot!
Thinking about the calories of each plantain they put it
But everybody was happily scooping into the dish and the next thing I know, it was GONE!
Easily done with 2 big scoops

It is a combination of sweet and salty dish
The mildness of plantain is perfect to complement and enhance the mixtures of spices and flavor in the stingray meat
The same familiarity of taste - Dahl - is found and again, mystery unresolved.
Marcky loves it, so do I!
It was one of a kind :)

Last but not least, the dessert
Soursop cake
(Torta de Guanabana)

It was a fresh experience - I have tried soursop lassi but never have I heard of soursop cake - or have you?
Perfect combination of sweetness and sour, but nothing mysterious, nothing complex.

If you are interested to have a taste, understanding and experience of Venezuela
Here is the list of programme lining up from 14 April to 8 May 2011
Venezuelan Gastronomic Festival only starts on 20 April to 8 May 2011!
Better hurry and be prepared :)

This is officially my first Fine Dining food review, courtesy of Ken and Marcky


  1. HiTomi,

    I have never had the opportunity to try Venezuelan fare.

    In this part of North America there are a few Brazilian steak houses, which are worth the visit.

    Brazilians love their beef and they know how to preprare a tasty cut!

    A wonderful time to live, so many different foods to enjoy!


  2. @ David :
    heeee, Venezuela is influenced more by the Spanish :)

    They do not serve us any beef!


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