Apr 24, 2011

Waking up to Goodness of Malacca

It was chilly in the morning
Dressed in a beige singlet with a short, it was barely sufficient to keep me from shivering
The soft morning sun found its way through the sheer white drapery and landed on the edge of the king size bed
It was subtle, and caressing.
I love the sun that way.

His body was warm, and smelled like a baby
I whispered "Morning" into his right ear while holding him against me
Watching him rubbing his eyes and getting over his sleepiness
The feeling was indescribable

He is the gift from Heaven
He is my exclusively owned goodness of Malacca
It is love penetrating in the air
I am loved and in love

And here we were in the historic land of Malacca
Loaded with tonnes of good food, scattered around various corners of ancient looking coffee shops, and new commercial places.
It was our mission to hunt them down, one by one.

First stop : Bukit Cina Soya Bean House

The silky smooth texture and promising goodness of soya bean, topped with coarsely blended chunks of peanuts
Indeed, it is a good kickstart of the day.

Every scoop of tau fu fa carelessly brushed through the tip of tongue and down to the throat in immediate second.
Oops did I just swallow something?

The sugar is not too sweet but goes very well with the crunching peanuts topping.
It is unconventional, and refreshing!
This is His.

I ordered this Pumpkin tau fu fa instead.

Check out the texture of the Pumpkin paste – it is original and undiluted.
Every single fibre was eagerly registering their presence the moment my tongue tentatively made the first contact with it.
The only thing is it is a little too sweet to my liking.
In fact, it would be better if it is presented in the shape of Tai Chi!

Second stop : Restaurant Sup Lembu Tangkak

*Sup Lembu Tangkak - Tenderloin Meehoon *

Suspicious I was, looking at the thin cutting of tenderloin.
It was not attractive - too lean, and chunky.
Nicely placed in the spoon was the overflowing mee hoon that struggling to maintain its balance while soaking in the refreshing herby sup lembu; and most importantly, a piece of tenderloin to complete the visual.

A complicated taste that I could not comprehend
The soup is made in such a way it allows mee hoon to absorb its essence of the soup, but not too much to dry up the whole “reservoir”

Despite the non fattening looking slim cut, the tenderloin did not pose a challenge to an old man’s ability to swallow it without suffering from a hardcore battle.
The tenderness of tenderloin, the richness in flavors, and the gracious amount of serving
Totally worth the bucks we were paying. 
Third stop : Nancy's kitchen

* Pongteh *

Pork lover, this is your call!
This is the taste of Nyonya that you ought not to miss.

The unique taste of the gravy fully invaded the tiny cells of pork and potatoes
It was braised to perfect tenderness yet locked in the juiciness of the meat.
Personally I would prefer thicker gravy that goes very well with white rice, alone; leaner meat with inter layering fat that makes the pork bouncier.

Fourth stop : Jonker 88

* Cendol *

After an awesome Nyonya expedite, time for some mouthwatering and chilling dessert that would melt instantly in the blazingly hot afternoon sun!

Look at the coarse texture of the shaved ice, drizzling with thick gula Malacca and coconut milk
Could you smell it now?

Being tasteless on its own, both Gula Malacca and coconut milk makes the shaven ice much interesting and sought after.
For some unexplained reasons, I love the slight after taste bitterness of Gula Malacca, perfectly accentuated with the fragrance of coconut milk.

How I wish if the ice is much finer that instantly melted in your mouth; more oozing goodness of Gula Malacca to penetrate every bit of the shaven ice.
Even He said this is not as good as how it used to be.
I seconded.

Fifth stop : Hong Sheng coffee shop

* Sarawak Wantan Mee *

Wantan Mee is never my choice of breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Reason being, I do not fancy the idea of having the overdosed thick soy sauce in my food.
Omitting the black soy sauce makes Sarawak Wantan Mee much appealing to me

The trick to a good wantan mee – after cooking in the boiling water, dip it into the cold water to cool it down – to retain the chewiness of the noodle
BUT that is if it is not overcooked at the first place :p
It is all about skill and master of timing.

Visually, both Red and Green create a well rounded harmonic presence.

Tossed with little pinch of sesame oil, the noodle is bland but fragrant.
Ate with the homemade chili sauce of intense spiciness and sourness, it was a BOMB to the tastebud.
Effect of pickled green chilies can never be comparable to the sensational blast of flavor of the uniquely made chili sauce
None of those wantan mee I have tried is close to this!

One teaspoon of chili sauce would never satiate the hunger in me that craves for that spiciness.

Sixth stop : Nadeje

* Original Mille Crepe *

My first impression when I first heard of Mille Crepe is never good.
People told me it is like layer cake.
They never know how much dislike I have against layer cake that is injected with artificial flavoring.

This one is different from the layer cake I used to know.
Layer by layer of paper thin crepe is stacked after one another, separated by just a light cream with very mild sweetness.
The texture is close to eating a mousse cake.

Original mille crepe is nothing fancy in presentation but it requires more effort in making it than savoring the humbleness.

Different variations of mille crepe are nothing new to my list of “Savories” embedded in my head.
Weird as it may sound, I could not recall how they taste like as much as this Original Mille Crepe.
This is by far the BEST I have ever tasted.

* Chocolate Orange Mille Crepe *

Orange and chocolate has never been my favorite combination.
It does not complement one another like how Cheese and Egg do.
But somehow He decided to opt for this odd choice, as there is not much choices we had by the time we reached there.

Appealing it may seem, but it further strengthen my perception that “ORANGE AND CHOCOLATE IS A DISASTER MATCH”

Seventh stop : Ban Lee Siang satay celup

* Satay sauce steamboat *

This is no other than another Malacca specialty that people would not mind queuing from 5pm to 9pm just for a dip into the satay sauce steamboat.

It diverges from the conventional steamboat with plain chicken soup to tomyam, from tomyam to herbal soup, and now from herbal soup to Satay sauce.

Look at the flirtatious devil inhabited in the sauce
How many would be determined enough to say “NO” to it?

Much diluted than usual satay sauce, it is spicier with a tinge of sour, but less saturated with peanuts.
The spiciness is further amplified by the boiling heat and I could not stand having it more than 5seconds on my mouth.
Swallow it without chewing, by all means!

You will find yourself spoiled by the wide varieties of “Lok lok”sticks which kept chanting “Pick me Pick me Pick me” whenever your eyes landed in their directions.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Are you ready for the maximum “DING DING RED ALERT” level of Cholesterol and daily calories intake?

Eighth stop : Pak Putra
* Tandoori Chicken *

It was a blessing in disguise
Pak Putra is not in our initial plan

It was rainy on Saturday evening
We were planning to go for Satay Celup for dinner
The hotel we stayed over recommended us to go for “Pak Putra” for a quick grab instead.
The moment they mentioned the name, He immediately said “It is so freaking near us!”
And so we went the next day before we headed back to KL.

Famous for its tandoori chicken, we ordered none other than it and also the normal naan.

It was a soft penetration when my fork made the first contact right into it.
Even before I put it into my mouth, I can feel my saliva oozing out to welcome the wanted guest.
Never have I eaten a Chicken with the texture of Fish.
It was that good that we could not help but to raise our hands and shout, "Satu lagi!"

Made with flour, yeast, and nothing else, a small shredded piece of naan, wrapped with tandoori chicken, none of the guilt strikes me as it is perfectly healthy!
Minimal oil, full of protein and also nothing close to tasteless

Ninth stop : Joes Only One Mango Juice

Located at the Portugese Settlement beachside shoplot, Joes sells his Only One mango juice, only after 6pm.

Even if you are thirst to death while walking along the beach at any other time before 6pm, you have no choice but to succumb to other sweetened-and-non-original juices or drinks you can get from the other stalls.

It is not sweet,
It is not sour,
It is BOTH Sweet and Sour
This is what I called the BLAST!

If you don't fancy anything sourish, you should EVEN give this a try!
Made with both sourish and ripen mangoes, topped with right amount of crushed ice, and no no no syrup
This is the BEST juice I have ever tried
It triggers both zones of my tastebuds so excessively that I wish I have another one!

Would you be expecting me to savor all these within one day?
That is a mad crazy idea!
So if you plan to get a weekend getaway which full of food, and walk around thing,
Malacca is definitely the right place!

Apr 19, 2011

Keep Walking by Johnny Walker Black Circuit

The gesture of raising the crystal glass, and clinking with the rest of the friends, have never been more exciting.
What is in the glass has an negligible role to play while what is important is the moments of joy we share with the world.

Alcoholistically speaking, I am not an alcoholic.
Clubberishly saying, I am not a clubber.
Frankly speaking, I am Clubcoholic

Would you say NO to Black Label that keeps filling your glass all night long while you shake and groove like a borned superstar with that hot dude dancing sexily next to you within the distance of an inch while your mind trap between the realm and euphoria?
It sounds so SEDUCTIVELY Sexay to me that my conscious mind would NEVER ever say N-O.

Welcome to the Johnny Walker Black Circuit 2011 at Palace of Golden Horses
You are entitled to free flow of Black Label, music, and tonnes of fun!

Ladies and Gentlemen
Let the not-so-fun begins~

The intensity of masses of heads kept increasing as more and more people anxiously queueing up in lines that are hardly visible
An hour lapsed, Faltering seems impossible
The heat was barely body temperature

Second hour lapsed
My legs felt sore with the 3inch heels, to a certain extent it was numb
Any second of lack of oxygen; I am sure I would be the one starting to lose my consciousness
I was glad I had my Black Prince be with me

Not forgetting, the super hilarious and entertaining Louise and her Butterflyz

Two hours of time
Long enough for me to finish a blog post, edit pictures, tidy up my closet, and any thing under the world that is PRODUCTIVE
But we were stuck right here, waiting for the unknown
TIME WASTED, this is for sure!
A well inspired but PATHETICALLY HANDLED event

We simply could not contain the great sense of relief when we were finally greated by the billowing cool air, promising spinning happening right on the deck, chilly black label on rock
Most importantly
A comfortable sofa,which sits right on top of my wanted list!

Ecstatically aroused by the alcohol that ran in my pulse, it was all good.
Running from table to table, shouting a cheer or two with friends, dancing along to the beats that suddenly make so much sense of the way it was composed

It is the magic of alcohol
It is the magic of Black Label
Keep walking is the message
Remember well, party peeps!

Apr 13, 2011

6th Venezuelan Gastronomic Festival 2011

The symmetrically triangular orderliness of wine bottles stacking above one another in the chiller
The faint sparkle on culinary casted by the dimmed yellowish light warming up the atmosphere
The orderly placed glasses, forks, and spoons, which seem to be measured by milimetres of distance from one another

The moment I have stepped into Samplings on Fourteen Restaurant
My subconscious mind shouted "Hey, are you INSANE?! This is Fine Dining!!"
*Colors of Venezuela*
I smugged and replied
"Welcome babe, you are IN the 6th Venezuelan Gastronomic Festival 2011!"

5 Miss World, 6 Miss Universe, 6 Miss International and 1 Miss Earth
Venezuela has never been more familiar to me than the compelling beauty of their Miss Pageants.
The mesmerizing smile, electrifying eyes, hourglass figures are all well packaged into the Venezuelan.

But when it comes to food, I know nothing more.
The sheer authenticity and culture of Venezuela has never been more perfect than this closed-door media preview for the 6th Venezuelan week in Malaysia.
It was my Virgin experience and I could not be any whiney about it for where else could I have the best first time?

Here goes my entrees
Cream of Plantains with almond crisps and olive oil
(Sopa de platano verde adornada con almendras tostadas)

Curiousity aroused?
What is plantain?
It is like Banana, but instead of eating it raw, you cook it.

Visually, it was not as flattering but It was the most unusual taste ever!
The first sip of cream of Plantain, it was like thousands of plantain armies squirming through the taste buds
The smell of plantain sticks right there, refusing to leave until you take another sip of red wine

A tinge of sourish, faint but enough to tease
The only familiarity I sought in the cream of plantain, is the smell of Dahl that I have no idea where it would possibly come from.

It was smooth and light, a perfect entrees it is!
I wish I have more to go with :)

Next up, the main for the night
Spotted stingray and plantain pie with coconut sauce and pineapple
(Pastel de chucho con salsita de coco con ensalada de pina y lechugas troceada de vinagreta blance)

Ahhh, another trick eh?
It definitely don't look like stingray to me
And I guess they must be loving plantain alot!
Thinking about the calories of each plantain they put it
But everybody was happily scooping into the dish and the next thing I know, it was GONE!
Easily done with 2 big scoops

It is a combination of sweet and salty dish
The mildness of plantain is perfect to complement and enhance the mixtures of spices and flavor in the stingray meat
The same familiarity of taste - Dahl - is found and again, mystery unresolved.
Marcky loves it, so do I!
It was one of a kind :)

Last but not least, the dessert
Soursop cake
(Torta de Guanabana)

It was a fresh experience - I have tried soursop lassi but never have I heard of soursop cake - or have you?
Perfect combination of sweetness and sour, but nothing mysterious, nothing complex.

If you are interested to have a taste, understanding and experience of Venezuela
Here is the list of programme lining up from 14 April to 8 May 2011
Venezuelan Gastronomic Festival only starts on 20 April to 8 May 2011!
Better hurry and be prepared :)

This is officially my first Fine Dining food review, courtesy of Ken and Marcky

Apr 10, 2011

My "Man" in Black

Oh Mr Black where are you?

His sexiness, his faint silhouette on the sheer veil, his ever lovely touch
He is just what I have been always dreaming of in the middle of the night.

With Mr Black, every single lady out there, exudes their confidences without fail
With Mr Black, every single lady out there, loves their bodies even more
The contour, the hourglass, that look in her eyes that send all the men go crazy.

And here you are
My one and only Mr Black
*much loves*

Apr 6, 2011

One handless St. Francis Xavier

It was ages since I last visited the land of Malacca

It is the land where Parameswara had discovered in his search of refuge
It is the land where Afonso de Alburquerque had conquered from Sultan Mahmud Shah
It is an honor of mine to share the sheer sense of glory that words alone could not express

700 years of history
Porta de Santiago, standing strong and firm, despite the years of rain and wind, and bombs that were silently eating up its body

This is the land of mysteries
Like a young and attractive woman, hiding under the sheer black veil that fails to hide her inner beauty
* the Voiceless agony at St Paul's Church *

I still remember the good old days when I used to nail my butt on the miniature chair of pink and grey, rest my chin on my folded hands on the "artistically painted" (with liquid paper and pencil) brown table, and fascinate by the interesting stories told by my history teachers.

About how Parameswara came across this piece of land
* Christ Church at Stadthuys *

About how Afonso de Alburquerque conquered the existing empire
* St Paul's Church *

If only my history teachers would have been so kind to bring us for a learning tour in Malacca, which obviously never happened.
I strongly believe that we could learn to appreciate more this way

For we are able to see
* St Paul's Church *

To hear
* Queen Victoria Fountain at Stadthuys *

To feel how my life would be
if I were to born in that era

700 years of history
10 years of mortality
Should we not appreciate the treasure box that lays right in front of us?
Sad to say, these chaps are from my era. 
*shakes head*

Walk of randomities
Sight of irregularities
A little detour from the tourist attractions in the next post shall we?

Apr 5, 2011

In the Midst of Business Talk

Life is hectic, we have to keep things rolling despite we ought to rest
Just like how Kath did it

Business woman in the making

Apr 1, 2011

A little Not too little boy

A little too old for me but a little not too little for him.
We are living up a nearly undisputable philosophy of life

Once upon a time,
there was this little boy who never fail to wish that he grows older every single day, never fail to imagine how he would be when he grows up every single minute.

Is the wish granted?
Of course it Happens
It happens anytime, everytime
On you, on me, on the stranger walking on the wet street in rainy days, on the beggars shivering at the lone passageways at nights

And hey, did we not growing up watching Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast ourselves?
Have you ever fantasized that someday, the Prince would come and marry you or you would be rich and marry Princess Jasmine?

This little boy has now grown up
Iphone, Ipod, Macbook, Xbox, Nintendo Wii eliminates the once long lived fairy tales that we used to believe in and dream about every single night

Realism kicks in and life gets materialistic
There is no genie in the bottle
There is no 3 wishes for you to wish for eternal beauty, long-lasting wealth, and unprecedented power
All that you have got is you, you and You

Why are you still hanging around here?
Start living your fantasies!

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