Mar 6, 2011

Ram Narayanan 21st Birthday @ Frangipani

21 is just the perfect figure, which every single teenager wants it so badly
It is when you are Officially FREE

You are free to dry up the whole bottle of Whisky, if you want to

You are free to weave in and out from clubs without hearing from Bouncer saying, "Hey kid, this is not for you"

You are free to do every single thing under the sky
You just need to name it

It is indeed a very big day to be celebrated
as it MARKS the start of another stage of life

It is fate that bring me to this special occasion of Ram Narayanan

Happiness and joy is filling every single molecule in the air

It is too infectious

There are so much dramas happening around that I feel like I am watching a Movie playing live right in front of me.

Don't you think so too?

I believe it was a good night to Ram, family, and his guests
Last but not least, Happy birthday to Ram Narayanan
Good night and enjoy!


  1. very nice Hitomi ! would u mind sharing your lens? and whether got flash? I would like this standard for my kids parties!

  2. @ andy :
    Hey thanks alot! Yeap I use flash, kit lens and 50mm! hehe you can be the photographer :p

  3. HitOmi,

    Congrats to your friend on attaining 21 years.

    You are correct that this is an important change in life.

    With greater personal freedom.

    With this freedom, comes greater personal responsibility.

    Actions and decisions now have personal consequences.

    Contracts made, must be honoured.

    Personal responsiblities must be taken more seriously.

    Young adults often work along side people 5, 10, 20 years older.

    If one cannot make wise decisions, ask good questions, including dumb questions in need of answers, then many young adults will be seen as too immature to advance.

    With freedom comes decisions that affect ones entire life.

    Once again your photos capture the joy of people together in a celebration of life!


  4. @ David :
    He is my client's brother :)
    Once again thanks! If one day I were in US, I surely pay you a visit :p


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