Mar 21, 2011

Jam Packed Sepang Gold Coast

I think I am Missing them
It was such a wonderful trip

Courtesy of our boss

HitoMi has FINALLY Stepped foot in Sepang Gold Coast

With a bunch of Awesome companies

This is how we roll

Amazing ain't they?

Hee, crazy!

According to Boss, he said this is the couple bridge

But I have no idea where we were

Motorcycles zooming precariously on the wooden bridge while people were squeezing their way to the end of the bridge
It was not an unexpected thing if you find anyone drops into the water!

Even so
People were curious about what is happening over there :p
So do I

Despite how much I would prefer not to stay under the sunshine
Will update Malacca trips soon


  1. HitOmi,

    Looks like you are having great fun with friends!

    Can you tell us more about the Gold Coast?

    Have fun!


  2. All the pics of Gold Coast are clicked by professional cameraman.I have never seen this type of views in my life when i am going their two times with my family.If you agree then i will send you my collection of pics to you. Sunshine Coast Seo Company


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