Mar 18, 2011

11min more of St Patrick night

Some say I am an alcoholic, some say I am a clubber
I would think I am partially of both

I love alcohol, but I never love beer.
When you say beer, the first thing that comes to my mind
I never like that kinda feeling.

Many of them saying German beer is the best!
I am YET to testify that.
But right now, I think I might need to reassess my mindset about beer

Do you see the green??

By a rare chance, it was my first time celebrating St Patrick's Day
Having a pint of fresh Guinness right from the Barrel is the right way to go!
It is not as "GASSY" as I thought.
In fact, it is smoother, and its taste lingers even after you swallow it.

Best of all
You got to see Mr Tallman, Mr "Patrick-wannabe", Pretties dressed in Green, and lotsa funky costumed up peeps!
If you wanna take pictures with them, do you have to pay?
NOOOOO of course, just ASK :p

Heee, see, even small kid dare to :p
And who say Small kids cannot go liquor event ah?

Oops, 15min past St Patrick's Day
Still works?

1 comment:

  1. HitoMi,

    Sadly St. Patrick;s day has nothing to do about parties or drinking.

    Quite honestly for most of the world St. Patrick's day is only a reason to party.

    Soon Cinco De Mayo will be here and everyone can party again.

    Please drink responsibly.



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