Feb 24, 2011

Sharon & Kean Wedding Dinner @ Ipoh

You might think I have posted it twice but no.
Sharon and Kean had two wedding dinners in Malaysia
one in Tropicana Golf Club and another in Ipoh.

We, Kazetomi, could not tell how grateful we are to be here.
What makes it more memorable is the great hospitality of the hosts
It was a warm and fun filled experience

Words alone might not be sufficient
So pictures will do the talking now.

So NOW, do you feel the perpetrating happiness?
Imagine if you were there, I bet you would love it!

And this is the Pretty bride, Sharon, and her father, Joseph

If you are down, Hope you feel happy now :)
If you are happy, then be HAPPIER kay?

Love our photos?
Pleaseee do not hesitate to contact us
Of course, you can directly ask me too!


  1. HitoMi,

    I do pray this couple will know a lifetime of joy together!

    Your photos capture the joy and happiness of their important day!

    One thing few photographers can capture are those little moments in the day that truly happy couples share.

    Those spontaneous moments of happines, a touch, a smile, a sentence finished by the other, a shared sip or bite of something yummy, that one and only smile a child and give to one, so many moments.

    Thank you for sharing happiness with all of us! ! ! !


  2. @ David :
    It is my own paid wedding job and I am so happy myself and for them too because the photos are good :)

    Most importantly it is candid! Something which I have not really done before.

  3. first time see wedding shots in b&w. and i love every single shot! nice skills :D

  4. @ sirei :
    The reason why I make it black and white because it omits the colour, and thus the distraction. You will then see the emotions better :)


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