Feb 1, 2011

Muruku In the Making

So sad today is not holiday for me

But never mind, Chinese New year is just 2days ahead!
Weeeeeee, I am happy
I am not quite sure why

Maybe it is the fact that I started to work
Maybe it is the Surprise I have been keeping
Maybe it is the plans that I have in mind
Maybe it is the fact that I am partially involved in the making of Muruku :p

Nahhh, see the "cute" little dough
*that is my Mom's hand*

It is pretty easy overall
The hardest part of all, is this
Squeeze like no tomorrow @@
I could not feel my hands at all

Then, Chunk all of that into the Kuali
Fry, fry and fryyyyy
*Just a little patience will do as compared to Bee Hives biscuits*

The Golden Blissssss
WooHOo, I can say it is HitoMom's Production now!

Oh ya, in case you have not seen my Brother before
Last minute only he helped me out :(
But better than nothing still

Let's Feast!

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