Feb 2, 2011

Last Minute CNY Shopping @ Jinjang Market


Festive mood is all around the places, be it the shopping malls, or even markets.

You can listen to the booming tunes of Chinese New Year albums
You can see the rabbits, and Chinese decorations in the malls
You can sense the hecticness in the air as everybody - housewives, children, old folks - are busy shopping for Chinese New Year

All in all, it delights me :)
Never have I been so anticipating for its arrival.
Weird as it sounds but it is so true.

For this particular Sunday morning, my family has decided to join the crowds in Jinjang market.
Hey, I am Chinese too!

Funny thing was there was this particular seller was so excited seeing me with my DSLR squeezing my way through the crowds and Guess what he said?
"That girl must be reporter, our faces might be out in newspaper!"

Do you know what are the best items on sale?
WOot, it is the P-O-R-K!
I would never ever deny the fact that Char Siew, Siew Yok is yummy!
See how crispy looking of the skin and don't you ever eat Siew yok without the skin cause you just wasting the food
Might as well you don't eat!

Dried food has never been better selling on Chinese New Year
See the piles of them!?
Ba gua also my favorite but bear in mind, it is not healthy.
So you don't eat so much and treat me kay?

Buy ah Buy~!
Tonight is reunion dinner already, what are you waiting for?

Happy Chinese New Year everybody
Wish you have a prosperous year with tonnes of good luck

Yours sincerely
Hitomi Ng


  1. I don't like siew yoke. Urgh. And don't bother to eat with wholemeal bread. It doesn't help! :P

  2. HitOmi,

    Have a very happy, peaceful and prosperous Chinese New Year!

    Very different over tonight.

    We are in the middle of a large blizzard, dangerous to travel, very cold and windy.

    Not party weather at all!

    You are so lucky today!


  3. i like ur photos. and happy chinese new year!

  4. @ marcky :
    Ish, why on earth u dun like siew yoke!

    @ David :
    The weather has been very irregular at all places. It used to be very pricky hot few days before Chinese New Year but it rained until the extent it flooded part of the country.

    All the best to you and your family. Do take care and stay indoor if possible.

    @ Renaye :
    Thanks honey! Happy Chinese New Year to you too!


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