Feb 4, 2011

A Brand New Hitomi 2011

It is a Brand new year, peeps!
Don't you feel bored bored with the same hairstyle every year?

So I have decided to have a change
A new length, and a new colour will be just perfect!

It is kinda bold this time
Are you ready for it?

Tell me, what come across your mind when you saw this?
Did I freak you out?
No worries, this is just part of it. It was after bleaching and I looked like a seafood!

This is the final outcome
Happy Chinese New Year!
Hitomi is Blond now~~
*sorry for the red eyes...I also don't know why my eyes got so irritated lately*


  1. Happy New Year! thought u getting hair-ready for some cosplay action :)

  2. From I can see, your hair looks more like the 2nd last picture and not the last one.

  3. HitoMi,

    Me likes!

    vEry attractive!

    Frames your eyes and face beautifully!

    BTW, the old HotOmi photos are great! Your face is so expressive!


  4. owh brave and stylish attempt! salute salute!

  5. oh hey hey.

    You look awesome with your new hair

  6. You look like a boy now. haha

  7. @ jayrenhy :
    Thankssss alot!

    @ andy :
    No lah...not cosplay nohhh

    @ Marcky :
    Why would you say so?

    @ David :
    Thank you thank you! I have serious panda eyes problem

    @ Cayenne :
    I was bored with the same old :p It is the latest trend for pixie crop cut

    @ Serge :
    Hey long time no see but i must say, THANKS!

    @ kelvin :
    Yea, no one wants mah

  8. Your hair is not as BRIGHT in the last photo as what I've been seeing the last few days when hanging out with you.


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