Feb 20, 2011


Time have no mercy.
Everything seems to be fresh like just happened yesterday.

Pavilion looks so new that I forgot when it had started its construction.
Ever since then, Pavilion has been the latest luxurious landmark in the heart of city, Kuala Lumpur.
It is definitely the Tourists-Must-Go-Location and better still, it is located in Bukit Bintang
The most happening place in Kuala Lumpur.

Back to a deserted place in SS2, things are totally different like Artic (North Pole) and Antartica (South Pole)
Urban Decay is the term it fits in.
It has once functional but now it fell into disrepair and decrepitude.
Despite of the deteriorating condition, people still using the parking lot, considering the increasing demands of car park lots in SS2.

By a fairly rare chance, I discovered this piece of unwanted land.
Lucky I was, to stumble upon interesting abandoned items right under the tree.

I can't help to wonder, if there are anyone dominating this place :p
It is not too bad as a shelter, ain't it?

In fact, it is pretty sufficient for a temporary sleep-in

Most importantly, it is Spacious!


  1. Eeeee! I like your 2nd and 3rd pix so much!

    Go shooting never ajak me laaaaaaaaa!

  2. wow, it seems really abandoned like style^^

  3. @ marcky :
    Thanks dude! I will ajak you lah dong, but next time!

    @ xjion89 :
    It is abandoned

  4. HitOmi,

    Turning into an urban explorer are you?

    A most interesting photo set.

    Abandoned buildings and ghost towns most often offer great photo opportunities.


  5. @ David :
    Surely yes! I wish I know more places like these


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