Jan 11, 2011

XO Carrot Cake

Hitomi is sick now
On medical leave
Please bear with me for my slow update

Here is the treat from me :)
XO Carrot cake from Wong Kok SS2

Is it yummy?
Do tell me your first impression on the photo :)


  1. oily! hahaha tho i do like fried carrot cake :)

  2. HitoMi,

    Sad to read that you are sick.

    Please rest, get medical if symptoms are severe.

    Most of all GET WELL!


  3. @ henry Lee :
    I like carrot cake too! Esp the one in my area's pasar malam. That one damn happening, have to queue up quite a while for it

    @ David :
    I have consulted the doctor but it is still in the stage of recovery. Thanks for your concern!


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