Jan 12, 2011

Sick of the days Bespectacled

It is all happened when I was Standard 2.
I am (was) rather naive at the point of time, did not realise at all, what is SO-NOT-COOL about spectacle.

I still remembered the old days where I stole my mom's OLDMAN-SPECTACLE and put them on just for the sake of Curiousity.
Somehow I think that is the reason why I have developed long-sighted problem.

It is all useless right now.
What is done is done.
Hopefully someday I can have my short-sighted problem solved.


  1. Lasik is a common reality these days.

    Also I have to say, that is one rockin' photo.

  2. cut down time time of movie and games~~so that u will not get deep short sightness~~^^

  3. omg that's exactly what my mum did too when she was younger!

  4. lol, can't forget how naive, curious & "pandai" i was at the young age.
    i purposely read all the numbers and alphabets wrongly so that i can wear specs. wtfff~~~

    why not sign up for laser treatment?

  5. @ Marcky :
    I know but my power is still unstable. Hopefully my cornea is thick enough for lasik. Thanks for your rocking comment too!

    @ winnee :
    Nowadays I face computer more than TV and Games

    @ Samantha Chow :
    Hahaha, you sure is not you whom did that?

    @ sirei :
    wahahaha, yours is way special case!

  6. HitoMi,

    If you used your mums glasses for hours and hours every day, you might have caused your eye to grow incorrectly.

    Movies and games do not cause vision problems, no evidence exist outside of myths.

    My wife and I both had lasik surgery a few years ago and could not be happier.

    One requirement is that your eye developement is stable, that means the diopter change per year over several years should be no more than + or - 1/2 diopter from the previous year.

    You are not yet 25 years old, and the human eye may not stabilize until body growth stops and usually that occurrs a few years after 25.

    A good eye doctor will do other test including occular pressure readings, peripheral vision check along with other test.

    For more visit:

    Let us know what path you select.


  7. huh? u got short sighted problem? nenek liaw la u! :P

  8. @ henry :
    Oops, wrongly termed!

  9. @ David :
    If my conditions allow, I would definitely go for lasik.


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