Jan 15, 2011

Pork Rib time @ E42T

How funny it may sound
when someone asked, "What is the famous pork rib restaurant in TTDI?" and someone else replied, "E42T"
It looks more like a random generated code, aint it?
BUT it is not random at all!

The shop lot #42
The shop direction #east
Sum up both of them = 42 East
Here comes the tweeky computer generated code name came from :p

I must say, it was an honor to be invited to this exclusive 10 pax food review session, courtesy of Advertlets.
Ghoshish camwhoring from Me and Arystle in E42T

How funnier it sounded, I was rushing all the way after Gym for this
LOL, the first thing Rebecca and Josh said, like that all your effort in Gym was WASTED!

But my conscience disallow me to let go of this golden opportunity to taste the legendary BBQ PORK RIB
2 Full Slabs of Pork Rib for us RM55 x 2 = RM110 FOC!

In case you are still wondering, you can choose to have half slab for RM32 or full slab for RM55
Moreover you can have it butter glazed or connor stout glazed, or hot and Spicy *just how asians like it to be*

Personally I like strong flavor
Just like how I prefer strong but smooth liquor
BBQ Pork Rib glazed with Connor Stout would be perfect for a twist of flavor.
If you think it is bitter, then you are wrong!
Connor stout glazed tastes WAY better than hot and Spicy

Impressive rather on the perfect symmetry of the slabs
If you were to rate the cleanliness of the rib bones, would you give us 9/10?

Worrying Points
If you are worried about DERACKING the rib, worry no more, it is as easy as poking a fork to lift a potato wedges.
* too bad I did not get hold of one *

If you are worried about CHEWINESS and DIGESTION, rest assured, it is like eating Chicken.
* Another dish that I did not get to try though *
It looks damn tempting right?

And for seafood lovers, please Take Note!
E42T serves Clam Pot for RM14 too.
However, the soup is totally overwhelming with the strong flavor of vinegar, of which it offsets the freshness of Clam (provided if any)
So it is best NOT TO order this.

Now now, you know what is this?
Any guesses?
It is Crispy;
It is a salty Snack, best served with beer;
It starts with B _ _ _ _
Easy right?
It costs you RM1

Alright, if you are not a Beer lover like Me, you can go for their Famous Margaritas too!
It comes with four flavors - Ori Lime, Mango Mania, Strawberry, Passion Fruit
RM18 during Happy Hour (until 9PM) and RM20 during Non Happy hour

It tastes all the same to me more or less because their special recipe of Don Julio reposed tequila beats down the flavors they are trying to infuse with

For non alcoholic, E42T do serve fresh fruit juices
Hmm, maybe I should say Fruit Blend because you can taste the textures of the fruit in your drinks!
On the left, Banana n Orange ; On the right, Carrot n Peach

Weird Combinations
In fact, I can taste the orange but not the banana, taste the peach but not the carrot
Some of them even complained the peach tastes like cough syrup lol, if you know what I mean. 
I guess Orange n Banana is the typical choice you should go for :)

More or less I have concluded my review :)
If you are wondering what others thought of E42T, kindly proceed to :

Last but not least, a Group photo of all

Where to find E42T?

42, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, Taman Tun Dr Ismail.
* It is just few shop lots away from Sid's pub *
Contact No:
03-7728 7688

*Pictures source : Xiang, Rebecca & Jason*


  1. is that bacon? why u didnt get to try some of the food?

  2. @ henry :
    yeap! you are so clever~! I was late, so yea, they ate it without leaving some for me :(

  3. HitoMi,

    The photo of you and Arystle does not look ghoulish, more like a photobooth style shot.

    The ribs do look so yummy.

    We are big rib fans, and always enjoy a new rib place.

    Trust you are feeling much better!


  4. this. is. a. must. try. for. me. !!

  5. @ David :
    I never try to camwhore in the photobooth before though :p I thought it is like passport photo haha!

    @ sirei :


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