Jan 25, 2011

Life means Difference

Every single one of us in this world is born to make a difference.
 Be it to the lives of your family, close friends, or better, the nation, the world

You can't live alone
Because you live in a colony, where interaction comes first, where you and me

You share information, you share opinions
However sometimes things just go hay way, when people starts to spread gossip.
The next thing you know, it is just totally a big fat lie
And all that you can do is either stifle it or let it be 

What is DONE is DONE
No matter how hard you try to revert it, it is different and it would never be the same again.


  1. WoW~! So profound. I can relate because it is how I am right now.

  2. hitomi so emo lately... cheer up! :)

  3. HitOmi,

    Do not be disillusioned by gossip.

    Stand for what you know is truthful.

    This is when you find your real friends!

    The one(s) spreading malicious gossip will have unexpected justice occur when they least expect it.


  4. @ elwyn :
    Which part are you particularly involved in?

    @ henry Lee :
    Nah, just life :)

    @ David :
    I truly believe so and I shall hold on to them when I need some one

  5. HitOmi,

    I wish you could take a picture of how you are feeling right now.

    So EMO of late.


  6. @ David :
    I am fine. No worries :) You seem to be pretty free though. Have you retired?


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