Jan 2, 2011

Kicking off 2011 with tonnes of Fun!

I was glad that I was not stuck at home.
And for the first time, the plan did work!
Many thanks to Henry Lee for making it possible :)

From an initial 9people, it was unexpectedly increased to 16people
We had a pretty quiet barbecue dinner
Big sacrifice from Henry for buying, marinating, and even Barbecuing for us!

New year without fireworks?
Nah, not this year.
Halfway walking to Curve, the fireworks had started but we still witnessed most of it!
Lucky us :p

While waiting for the jam to subside, we went to Asia Cafe, just right in front of Tune Hotel, Damansara!
The crazy bunch started to go GAGA in front of a webcam lol!

Happy new year to all of you guys out there!
This year will kick off with a blast, rest assured :)


  1. lol... thanks for the many many thanks from u... i would like to say that i really enjoyed the time with you guys gathering for the bbq and walking to the Curve. Hopefully there will be a next time again! :)

    Happy New Year 2011 ahead ya!

  2. Happy New Year 2011.. wish u dream come true :)

  3. @ henry Lee :
    You are welcome and I must say thank you again! I enjoy all the companies and performance as well!

    @ princess :
    Hope your dream comes true too!

  4. i enjoy celebrate and countdown with you guys too ! looking forward to the next time ! =D

  5. Happy Rabbit Year!

  6. @ jayren :
    Hehe sure thing :)

    @ Bay :
    Happy rabbit year too


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