Jan 7, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday to Jayren

Woolalaa, Happy birthday Mr Jayren :p
See his Dirty face lol...kena kau kau from us

This is where he has got his dirty face from!

Poor cake POor cake, and see the cameras, happily snapping
*oops me too*

Let's see who attended Jayren's 22th Birthday
*touch chin*
Our photographer for the day!
Do you know who is this?

Mr Adrian if i am not mistaken?
Guess what he is still schooling
*roll eyes*

Same goes to these two!
Soooo young already have Iphone and Sony Nex-3
*shake head*
I forgot the guy's name but the girl is Xiao Tong

Our pretty Jolyn, and Liki (in blur)
See how cute both of them are while eating
Hope they won't choke me for this :p

Shannon Chow being Our cake lady busy serving us and also not forgetting, posing for picture~

Oh ya, just before I forget, I have this Sunny boy to introduce to all of you!
His name is Edwin CK.
FYI, he likes branded, that is why he names himself after Edwin and CK (Calvin Klein)
He wants to look for Rich Tai Tai to Bao Him
So if you know any Rich Tai Tai whom are interested, kindly contact him!

Woot! All of us :)

It was a simple yet great free and easy meet up for dinner session, and how could this post end without a camwhore pic with the birthday boy

* Pictures dated back in 2010 *


  1. thanks for the pic, i shall have that as my FB profile pic... ^^

  2. @ henry Lee :
    Glad that you love it :)

  3. HitOmi,

    Looks like Jayrnen had a fun party!

    Like your photo set!

    Happy BD Jayren!



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