Dec 7, 2010

Tony Romas : Meeting Elwyn

No doubt, we all love food.
Once upon a time, we EAT TO LIVE.
But nowadays, we LIVE TO EAT!

Aha, that is why nowadays you keep hearing one say I am going to go on diet but ended up with no visible result!

Good food comes with a fancy price, whether in monetary term, or physical term (weight?)

See the oil layer?

Have to say a big THANK YOU to Mr Elwyn here, for the nice treat :p

Or should I say, for feeding me well?


  1. Wahaha, I didnt nag you about this but hey, I look pretty fat in the pic. Dam it.

    But again, I gotta thank you for feeding me as well~! Huhuhu.

  2. @ elwyn :
    are you serious! haha, i think you look good!

  3. wow tony romas! awesome. i love the pictures till i wont eat the food i think xD

  4. @ fish :
    Nvm next time we go makan. then you pay I eat :p

  5. HitOmi,

    The food looks yummy.

    However it also appears to be greasy!


  6. @ David :
    Yummy but greasy. No no for you. hahaha


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