Dec 12, 2010

SUPER BELATED Octoberian Birthday Party

Oh well, you know me.
I am always having alot of PENDINGs

* Amanda, Me and AngelKein *
More likely than not, not seeing my faces on my own blog?
AHA, so not HITOMISTIC and where has my HITOMISM gone to?

* Alex & Me *
Just so you know
I am injecting a pretty much dosage in this post

* Kristin, Me & Daphne *
Like goodness, when was the last time!

* Kelvin & Me *
Had a good time knowing new friends as well!
Oh what a joker he is

In case you are wondering who are the birthday boys, or much appropriate, Men,
this Pouty guy with his cap is Jeremy Choy or Bboyrice

Mike Yip

And the Dai Lou on the left, Jason Chan!

The Trio for the night
* Funny as ever *

* Azrin & Jason Ong *
Some of the guests whom I have not camwhored with

* Evelyn, Victoria & Amanda *
Alot of familiar faces. It would be interesting having all people once in a while.

There was a lucky draw thingy where the selected one was required to answer ANY question from the crowds, which is US!

haha, wondering what was being Asked? 
trust me, if it is not NASTY, it wont be ASKED


Once again happy BELATED birthday to Jeremy, Jason and Mike!
Will update on Jayren's birthday real soon.
I have to :p


  1. HitOmi,

    A bit late, but what nice memories of the three lovely ladies of October.

    It appears all present had a good time.

    Now on to your holiday party pics!


  2. @ David :
    They are not ladies lol...

  3. HitOmi,

    It appears that you have yet another story to tell about your not so lady-like friends! ! ! !


  4. I have a few pendings since I event spree so much. Everything just takes time!

    What I do is I make summary posts and then full write up. (Sounds like smashpOp, iknow)

  5. @ David :
    I think you misunderstood what I am trying to say. The birthday boys are Jeremy, Jason and Mike. There is no way they are boys.

    @ Biopolymath :
    That is good for you! I used to be jumping and excited about them. Now come to think of it. It is not really an ALWAYS thing to do.

  6. omgosh i love your photography :) super nice now. and better late than never :D

  7. @ Angelkein :
    Thanks dear! have you got your DSLR yet?


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