Dec 29, 2010

A night with Macallan & Great Companies

Sooo, who is this Macallan?
Any wild guesses?
Could it be this cute little baby here?
Hmm, why not?
Well, someone can name their baby after anything-they-want-in-the-world!

But that is not the right answer.
It is the 40% alcohol I am talking about.

DO you seriously think I am an ALCOHOLIC?

As the title depicts, it is not on the Alcohol alone, because it is never be good if you drink alone.
What you would ever need is a bunch of Good company while sipping alcohol, don't you agree?

Do allow me to introduce my fellow company :)
Mr Yves with Macallan
* Sorry to tell you that he is taken *

Do pardon me for the shock if you seriously think that it is not me
* Me, Jessy, and Muy Ch'ng *

* Ethan, Jet, Chermaine, and Ting Ting *

Last but not least
* Kelvin and Pai Sent *

Of course there are more but I did not get their pictures because I am too shy :p
In the meantime, please excuse us for we have to take the orders now
Our fellow decision makers 

All in all, it is a totally tummy bloating dinner with pretty awesome Dose of alcohol 
I was TIPSY ahhaa
Don't tell my mama kay?


  1. HitOmi,

    A wee bit tipsy?

    IOW you were a bit drunk.

    A word of advice, latest research has shown that two alcholic drinks daily greatly increase the chance of a women developing breast cancer.

    The younger one starts drinking even that little bit of alcohol, the cancer risk increases.

    Do be careful!


  2. I am the one will name after my baby anything I want in-the world. Maybe Oreo? Lols, just kidding :P

  3. @ David :
    what is IOW?
    Oh no, you are scaring me now!

    @ Joanne :
    Haha, so cute the name! why not mamee?


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