Dec 19, 2010

KPMG Night of Macabre 2010

Being the newbie of KPMG, I am totally flattered by the fact that we were asked whether we were interested in attending the traditional annual dinner.
I have to say the theme was awesome! Even though halloween had way passed but it still gives me the exhilaration of being to part of the horrorism :p

Guess what, if you were be the chosen best dress, you would get RM1000!
Hey people, it is ONE K we are talking about.
Of course, both of us, Jessy and I, Newbies, would more than happy to dress up BUT it is definitely not enough to win!

See what I mean?

Hehe, but within our department, we were the only two with some Macabre elementos!

Aha, camwhore pictures once again with other newbies from different Audit department !
I just wish I have a better Digicam

The food in One World Hotel is just So-so and it was not enough to satiate my desperate hunger.
Furthermore, the service is just not as qualified as a 5stars.

Okay, enough of criticising!

The best part of the night is in fact, there were beers and liquors, FREE FLOW till 12am but by the time, I was already tipsy :p
Well done well done, that is much more like ME!

Can't wait for the next to come
Hope all of you guys enjoyed the dinner, esp the liquor


  1. hmm... my friend was there too... she's in audit.... =)

  2. @ Dennis Ong :
    I guess alot of friends's friends would be in KPMG too!

  3. Was expecting something very scary.....

  4. @ biopolymath :
    Hahaha i am not too scary lahhhh

  5. HitOmi,

    Interesting that an Annual party has a Halloween theme!

    KPMG, what does this company do? IS your this the same KPMG-

    Now you can tell us what you do for your employer!


  6. @ David :
    Yeap we are global company! I am currently in Corporate Finance advisory, which covers valuations of projects, companies, takeovers, mergers, IPO, etc etc.

  7. HitoMi,

    You might get the opportunity to work any place KPMG has offices.

    How long before we see you on CNBCs Worldwide Exchange chatting with Chistine Tan regarding the next big merger in Asia?


  8. @ David :
    Maybe in 5 to 10 years time. It sounds super longgg


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