Dec 10, 2010

Kaze's Portraits in Gardens

Before I know what is Lightroom, I was not into excessive editing.
To me, excessive editing is a total change of original picture, in terms of colour.

Well that is before.
After I know what is Lightroom, Kaboom!
Everything become much much easier.
I start to love Black and White, Excessive desaturation, and also off-colour.

It is pretty personal preference.
One may like it or another may despise it.
It is your style, don't afraid to difer.


  1. haha Cute! nice nice. love it.

  2. HitOmi,

    Venturing into learning and using Lightroom shows your growing professionalism.

    Being a hobby photographer I am still learning all there is about Photoshop Elements, accomplishes about 80-90% of what PS does and a good deal easier for the hobbyist.

    Looking forward to more photos from you soon!


  3. @ shannon chow :
    Hee, he will be very happy to hear that!

    @ David :
    whoa, 80% is alot! I think I am around 30%

  4. HitOmi,

    I wish knew how to use 80% of PE.

    Likely I do use effectively about 30% of the features well.

    PE has more automatic features, but those are limited compared to PhotoShop.


  5. @ David :
    Hmm, actions u mean? But I personally feel lightroom helps me edit faster!


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