Dec 28, 2010

Hectic month : Dong Zhi, Christmas, New Year and Jessy's Birthday

2010 ends real soon and 2011 is just next to your door step.
December is a much happening month, for we, Chinese, celebrate Dong Zhi, Christmas and New Year all in one go.

Have you eaten some homemade colorful glutinous balls?

Dong Zhi represents the start of Winter season in Lunar calendar, and thus it tells us that Chinese New Year is coming soon.
Should we not feel happy in December?

It might not be the same for you.
But for me, I feel good even though I would say things are just normal for me in 2010.
I am sort of lost track of what I want or what you normally say as New Year Resolution.
Maybe it is time for one for 2011, for the sense of purpose and achievement.

So what have you done for last Christmas?
* Tony, Jayren, and Kianfai*

Mine was a rather easy going one. Met up some friends and chilled. Initially planned to head the club but as usual, it always failed.
*Henry, Jayren and Me*

This Friday will be New Year Eve, so again, where would you be? 

Oh maybe that is too far away for now as I just came back from a birthday dinner.
In case you are wondering, here is our pretty birthday girl tonight 
Jessy Lao 
Is she not pretty?
I would say DEMURE is the right word for her :)

Tada, the bunch of us
Last but not least, I would like to wish Jessy 
"Happy 22nd Birthday!" 
Hope you like your present 


  1. Yes, the birthday girl is pretty :)

  2. the cake!
    arghh... drooling again
    just realized your hair is short :D

  3. HitoMi,

    Happy Birthday to the lovely Jessy!


  4. @ jayren :
    It is just a normal post :) have you posted yours?

    @ zhao :
    If not she won't be yours right lol

    @ sirei :
    Hey girl, anything wrong with the cake? Hehe, my hair is short for a month plus already

    @ David :
    I would thank you on her behalf :)

  5. Ohh You know Jessy!!! XD XD

    Well she's my secondary school mate!

    Happy Birthday Jessy!!

    And See you Hitome XD

  6. @ Kian Fai :
    Omigosh, serious? Wah the world is super small


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