Dec 23, 2010

Christmas is near!

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way~~
All I want it is to find the one horse open sleigh

Every year when Christmas is coming, I feel the exhiliriation in me.
Even though I might not have any present, I feel good nevetheless.
It is the atmosphere I am loving.

You can find me humming the christmas carols on and off.
Such an irritation?
Too bad then.
I will still Hummm hummm and Hummm :p

Merry Christmas everybody!
How do you plan to spend your Christmas?
I might have just stoned at home


  1. HitOmi,

    I would enjoy listening to you humm or sing Christmas carols.

    Since December started carols are the only music one can hear in my car.

    My wife and me will be with other family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

    We celebrate Christmas in the spirit of the day.

    For Christain's we celebrate the birth of a little babe more than 2000 years ago!

    The light of salvation and love entered into our world!

    Merry Christmas to HitOmi, your family and all your friends!


  2. @ David :
    thank you! Hope you have a good time with your family and friends.


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