Dec 23, 2010

Christmas is Better with Maxis Hot Tickets!

Time flies and soon year 2010 will end.
Tomorrow will be Christmas Eve, and where will you be heading to?
I know I should be happy but no celebration for me?

For those whom know me pretty well would know that I have both Digi and Maxis numbers.
You must be wondering why.
Reason being I sms more than I call people.
Moreover, both are under Student plans like Youth Club and Digi Campus, so why waste the 3years SUPER CHEAP rates?

To those whom are not under student plans, FRET NOT, as now we have HOT tickets which give you extra values
You pay for RM10 Hot Tickets you get RM31 worth of talk time and SMS, or better still, you pay for RM15 Hot Tickets you get RM60 worth of talk time and SMS
This is 300% and 400% ADDITIONAL values we are talking about!

This offer is in conjunction with year-end festive season. Don't you think Maxis is considerate much as we might be sending messages and making calls like Crazy during Christmas and New Year?

Besides there are ADDITIONAL benefits now with every purchase of Hot Tickets :
- You can even buy a Family Favourite Personal Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut for only RM1.00 (not inclusive of tax)
- You are given FREE access to Maxis Christmas WAP portal to download free videos, free game (HIDUP2, something similar to SIMCITY) and free MMS!

Grab yours now before it is too late!

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