Dec 31, 2010

Wrapping up 2010

Today is 365th Day in 2010.
We, Malaysians, are lucky enough for today is the FIRST, ONLY time where Prime Minister announced it is our public holiday for it is our FIRST time in our history, Malaysia WON over Indonesia in AFF Suzuki Cup!

Which means we have more time to Sleep (NO more working day) and prepare for new year eve celebration!

It all seems to be just yesterday where I had celebrated New Year Eve in Curve
But this year, it will be way out of expectation!

Alot of things happened in 2010
Nevertheless it made up a good year for I have finally completed my studies and now stepping in my working life.

6hours and 43min more to new year.
Wish all of you
Happy New Year and enjoy your night!

Dec 29, 2010

A night with Macallan & Great Companies

Sooo, who is this Macallan?
Any wild guesses?
Could it be this cute little baby here?
Hmm, why not?
Well, someone can name their baby after anything-they-want-in-the-world!

But that is not the right answer.
It is the 40% alcohol I am talking about.

DO you seriously think I am an ALCOHOLIC?

As the title depicts, it is not on the Alcohol alone, because it is never be good if you drink alone.
What you would ever need is a bunch of Good company while sipping alcohol, don't you agree?

Do allow me to introduce my fellow company :)
Mr Yves with Macallan
* Sorry to tell you that he is taken *

Do pardon me for the shock if you seriously think that it is not me
* Me, Jessy, and Muy Ch'ng *

* Ethan, Jet, Chermaine, and Ting Ting *

Last but not least
* Kelvin and Pai Sent *

Of course there are more but I did not get their pictures because I am too shy :p
In the meantime, please excuse us for we have to take the orders now
Our fellow decision makers 

All in all, it is a totally tummy bloating dinner with pretty awesome Dose of alcohol 
I was TIPSY ahhaa
Don't tell my mama kay?

Dec 28, 2010

Hectic month : Dong Zhi, Christmas, New Year and Jessy's Birthday

2010 ends real soon and 2011 is just next to your door step.
December is a much happening month, for we, Chinese, celebrate Dong Zhi, Christmas and New Year all in one go.

Have you eaten some homemade colorful glutinous balls?

Dong Zhi represents the start of Winter season in Lunar calendar, and thus it tells us that Chinese New Year is coming soon.
Should we not feel happy in December?

It might not be the same for you.
But for me, I feel good even though I would say things are just normal for me in 2010.
I am sort of lost track of what I want or what you normally say as New Year Resolution.
Maybe it is time for one for 2011, for the sense of purpose and achievement.

So what have you done for last Christmas?
* Tony, Jayren, and Kianfai*

Mine was a rather easy going one. Met up some friends and chilled. Initially planned to head the club but as usual, it always failed.
*Henry, Jayren and Me*

This Friday will be New Year Eve, so again, where would you be? 

Oh maybe that is too far away for now as I just came back from a birthday dinner.
In case you are wondering, here is our pretty birthday girl tonight 
Jessy Lao 
Is she not pretty?
I would say DEMURE is the right word for her :)

Tada, the bunch of us
Last but not least, I would like to wish Jessy 
"Happy 22nd Birthday!" 
Hope you like your present 

Dec 25, 2010

Love me Hate me

Some Friends of mine have been complaining about my blog
Saying that when he visited my blog, he saw advertorial.


It is christmas today.
What have you been doing yesterday and what have you planned for today?
I was and I am kinda Idle
I miss how my Christmas used to be

I used to do lotsa chik chak with my digicam and I have stopped it for quite some time.
Eventually now I started to feel lazy to bring DSLR around and the next thing I am wishing for is a Decent digicam.

Sorry to my fellow readers if you think the same way as my friend did!
This post is to compensate for that as well as my lack of appearance

Last but not least, Merry Christmas once again!
It is your choice
Love me or Hate me?

Dec 23, 2010

Christmas is Better with Maxis Hot Tickets!

Time flies and soon year 2010 will end.
Tomorrow will be Christmas Eve, and where will you be heading to?
I know I should be happy but no celebration for me?

For those whom know me pretty well would know that I have both Digi and Maxis numbers.
You must be wondering why.
Reason being I sms more than I call people.
Moreover, both are under Student plans like Youth Club and Digi Campus, so why waste the 3years SUPER CHEAP rates?

To those whom are not under student plans, FRET NOT, as now we have HOT tickets which give you extra values
You pay for RM10 Hot Tickets you get RM31 worth of talk time and SMS, or better still, you pay for RM15 Hot Tickets you get RM60 worth of talk time and SMS
This is 300% and 400% ADDITIONAL values we are talking about!

This offer is in conjunction with year-end festive season. Don't you think Maxis is considerate much as we might be sending messages and making calls like Crazy during Christmas and New Year?

Besides there are ADDITIONAL benefits now with every purchase of Hot Tickets :
- You can even buy a Family Favourite Personal Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut for only RM1.00 (not inclusive of tax)
- You are given FREE access to Maxis Christmas WAP portal to download free videos, free game (HIDUP2, something similar to SIMCITY) and free MMS!

Grab yours now before it is too late!

Christmas is near!

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way~~
All I want it is to find the one horse open sleigh

Every year when Christmas is coming, I feel the exhiliriation in me.
Even though I might not have any present, I feel good nevetheless.
It is the atmosphere I am loving.

You can find me humming the christmas carols on and off.
Such an irritation?
Too bad then.
I will still Hummm hummm and Hummm :p

Merry Christmas everybody!
How do you plan to spend your Christmas?
I might have just stoned at home

Dec 21, 2010


Sigh, I have alot of pending photos
When only I can be a bit more effective


And I miss my long hair too
Now so so so Short

Dec 19, 2010

KPMG Night of Macabre 2010

Being the newbie of KPMG, I am totally flattered by the fact that we were asked whether we were interested in attending the traditional annual dinner.
I have to say the theme was awesome! Even though halloween had way passed but it still gives me the exhilaration of being to part of the horrorism :p

Guess what, if you were be the chosen best dress, you would get RM1000!
Hey people, it is ONE K we are talking about.
Of course, both of us, Jessy and I, Newbies, would more than happy to dress up BUT it is definitely not enough to win!

See what I mean?

Hehe, but within our department, we were the only two with some Macabre elementos!

Aha, camwhore pictures once again with other newbies from different Audit department !
I just wish I have a better Digicam

The food in One World Hotel is just So-so and it was not enough to satiate my desperate hunger.
Furthermore, the service is just not as qualified as a 5stars.

Okay, enough of criticising!

The best part of the night is in fact, there were beers and liquors, FREE FLOW till 12am but by the time, I was already tipsy :p
Well done well done, that is much more like ME!

Can't wait for the next to come
Hope all of you guys enjoyed the dinner, esp the liquor

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