Nov 27, 2010

Much Loves for Dome!

Ohayo Gozaimas :)
Hitomi is still in the Sick mode.
Sigh, must fast fast recover before I start my new job

Oh ya, back to the topic!
Thanks to all the16 entries lining up for the contest for Free DOME vouchers.

Much loves <3 
There are two which are posted after 12pm.
I have no choice but to disqualify Nana & Fish.

Without further ado, Let's see who are the Lucky Six whom won themselves a voucher for 10 Iconic Dome Classic
  1. Spectre -
  2. Bernard -
  3. Elwyn -
  4. Red Buttock -
  5. Sirei -
  6. June -
Note: There is no particular arrangement as in who is the most creative & the voucher is only applicable in Dome at Gardens Mall.

Once again, I want to thank those whom have written in though you did not win!

For those whom prefer to collect it at PJ, you can meet me at One Utama on Thursday, 2 December, around 5.30pm.
As for those whom prefer to collect it at Mid Valley, you can meet me there on Friday, 3 December, around 6pm.
Kindly drop me an email at stating your preferred location, time, and also leave your contact number (mobile).

It is another hectic day ahead!


  1. waiting another giveaway

  2. Weeee~!

    Thank you Hitomi~!

    I think I might collect it at Mid Valley on 3rd then. Hmmm.

  3. congratz to the lucky six! :)

  4. @ Nikel khor :
    I hardly have anything to give away because I am not as famous!

    @ Elwyn :
    Okay sure :)

    @ Henry Lee :
    Thank you on their behalves!

  5. Congratz to the six winner ! =D

    Hitomi , take good care of yourself pls . Get well soon ! Rest more ! =p

  6. @ jayren :
    Thanks! will do :)


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