Aug 28, 2010

HitoMi says : Step Up Review

I am super lazy to blog
OMG what happened to me?!

I just feel like going to shoot 24/7
not without cash, without model, without place, without sense of direction either.

I think I need a break
a Breakaway
a Movie would sound just right!

Courtesy of Advertlets, I have managed to secure a pair of tickets to Step Up 3D
I heard good reviews on Step Up 1 and 2 but I was kinda disappointed with Step Up 3D though
Let's not let the pictures trick you all.

First of all, it is not 3D
Then why is it named as Step Up 3D?

Secondly, the girl is not really pretty
 And for most of the more extreme scenes, I realized the slightly chubbiness of the actress or maybe the so-called actress.
Do you see what I saw?

However there are certain scenes are nice

Like this
How creative a Guy can be
And see, this is the hot Hunk kay!

Or this
Their dance moves are stunning at times too!
Too bad I don't know how to dance like them

And especially the last part
this is the Best!
How innovation can be the OHm for their success!

Superbly stunning!

To those have not watch this movie

You can check out the trailer here

I would rate it 3.5/5
but I am dead sure
to those dancers out there, you will give it a 5/5!

The choice is yours 

Aug 26, 2010

Long wait Featuring Yvonne

Life has never on going
We do get stuck at times, pondering whether there are better things ahead, wondering what are the possibilities of scenarios
That is why, this post is being inspired.

a Long wait is inevitable, but it might not be the best solution
Even if it might not turned out to be what you have been wanting
Do what is best, and live life to fullest

Aug 24, 2010

ADD ON : Sony TX5 My water Moment

It was great to skip work and have fun!
bleeee...I know I know, don't give me lecture on that
In case you missed the fun, check out my previous Sony TX5 post here!

I think you know who is this man here since he is so famous lol
Or if you still have no idea, he is the Advertlets big guy, Josh Lim

I forgot that this event involves both Nuffnang and Advertlets people, and so, I was kind of uncertain when I saw two different clan of people at the registration booth
But fear no more, as I met them - Suresh on my left and Baboon on my right
We are all posersssss

This is Amelia, knew her from Advertlets and subsequently found out that she is Jeremy's aiya sister hehehe...another Bubbly girl in town

Oopsie, I forgot what is her name now.... Can someone help me here?

As usual, Josh Lim posed with the pretties

I am fair enough, since the guys have eye candies, the ladies got hot hunks too :)
See, HUNKSss!
Baboon HUNK

And more HUNKS 
See the Gan Jiong face of the Advertlets team that managed to get into final 
*slap forehead*
Forgot to photoshop the pimples

It was FUN, FUN and FUN
Jeremy on the Jump
Don't believe me still?

DOn't care lah...toMorrow I am going to watch Step up 3D 
*happy mode*

Aug 23, 2010

Eat, Laugh & Cheese

It has been long time since my photos are really UP to date
As for this batch, it is like one and half month ago, when I was still UNEMPLOYED

Remembered the last time I visited Pasta Zanmai in Gardens after Hannah Tan Charity Concert?
Seriously I fell for it, and I gave it 5/5 rating on the Soft shell crab pasta

This tiMe round, I had this Beef pizza, though I am not quite sure what it is called
But it tastes AWESOME, apart from the overly fat on the beef chunk
It is quite filling as well and since it is in the Meal set, I would say the price is pretty reasonable too
Rating : 4/5

Thanks to Mr Barney here for the treat nevertheless
Oops...spotted the extra*close eyes*

Last but not least
a Camwhore pica 
Nice to Meet chaaaa, Mr Barney
Happy Burfday to you!!

Aug 20, 2010

3D experience with Step Up

I missed Step Up and Step Up 2

Regret I am, so now, I tell myself I am not going to miss watching Step Up in 3D
Everybody says it is a Must-Watch movie, as it is more latin, than Hip Hop or Streetdance.
Can't imagining how AWESOME it can be when it is 3D

Check out the trailer

Aug 19, 2010

Kicking Goodness in California Pizza Kitchen!

Recognise this?

Or maybe you need more hints?
If you do, I would say you have superb observation :)
I shan't not delay any further
Welcome to California Pizza Kitchen in KLCC!

Happy Buka Puasa to all Muslims
If you are tired with cooking after a tiring day of work, this is the place you might be interested to dine in as they have revamped their menus with NEW dishes.
On top of all, more Promotion deals for YOU!

Without further ado, I shall introduce you
hitoMi's YumYuM selections

Pesto Cream Penne
When I first tasted it, I was totally OMG-ed.
This is the BEST pasta I have ever had!

The special dressing they have is None that I had - Basil pine nut pesto cream sauce - very DISTINCT and it gives me FULFILLING sensation like THIS IS IT!
Though they added in the dried chillies but it merely makes it much appealing.Not much spiciness as anticipated.

Price: RM36
Rating: 10/10 *DING DING DING*

Cheeseburger Pizza
Does the name fill you with doubt? Me Too! Totally mystified.
It don't look like any Cheeseburger I had but it tasted like ONE!

Ground beef - Oops,means for some whom don't eat Beef, that is a SAD CASE.
First time in my life, I tried avocado.Lemme describe how it is- Creamy and not too much
Even though they add in Mozzarella and American cheeses, it is just nice.
I love the overall combination

Price: RM44
Rating: 10/10 *DONG DONG DONG*

Meat cravers
Lotsa lotsa pepperoni, mixed with Italian sausages, Canadian bacons topping as you can see.
If it is not so, then it would not deserve to be called MEAT cravers :p

Love the gracious sprinkles of Mozarella cheese- kicking in suffice saltiness and GOODNESS it blends well with the Spicy Salami&Julienne Salami sauce!
*seriously I don't know what are the sauces if you were to ask me to differentiate* 

Price: RM38
Rating: 8/10

Okay, I know what you are thinking, TOO PRICEY?
But let me tell you, it is WORTH the SATISFACTION
Try it and you will like it!

California Pizza Kitchen
Lot No. 140, Level 1,
Suria KLCC,
Kuala Lumpur City Center,
50088 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : (03) 23820512
Fax : (03) 23820516
Email :

More cover up in SimonSeow's, JasonMumble

Aug 13, 2010

Sony TX5 My Water Moment

It was SO SO Soooooo FUN in Mali Cove, Sunway Lagoon last Saturday
If you MISSED it, too bad :p

Check out the CROWDsss
How could you Missed it when it is FREE ENTRANCE?
*shake head*

Apart from having FUN with lotsa strangers and friends

we have the chance to go DEEP-INTO-WATER with Sony TX5

Better still stand a chance to WIN FREE Sony TX5!!

And even take pictures with the models of Sony TX5
Guys, are you envy of that Grey shirt fell? You SHOULD!

AHA, you MISSED it and that is it!!

Even you beg me also no use lol

See, even Ewin also say "NO, Don't come near me. I will KICK You out and win myself a Sony TX5"
What an addiction!!

See the chunks and loads of bags, with thousands worth of cameras.

Sony TX5 is a super versatile compact.
It is [water proof][dust proof][temperature proof]
[shock proof]
SO fear no more, even if you drop Sony TX5 it is still usable

Want One?
You can grab it here
it is just DUMMIES for the DUMMIES

25 team of 5 is required to compete against TIME in each PROOF Station
Basically we need to get the RIGHT amount of DUMMIES in fastest time possible

Unluckily, my team lost and so we do not proceed to the next challenge.
but THEY DO!

Turned out to be the 1st runner up and EACH grab a SONY Bloggie
So Cool can!!

Jeremy is definitely OVER THE MARS
*point to his exotic face*

So the lesson of the DAY, Don't MISS IT when it is FREE

Aug 8, 2010

Huat ah Huat

I know it is not Chinese New Year right now but I have a sudden craving for Yee Sang!

I love the blend of plum sauce and honey
I like the crispiness and chewiness of mixtures
On top of all, it blends so well with one another and it is just a  MUST HAVE during Chinese New Year

Are you hungry right now?

Aug 3, 2010

OOF Camwhore

It is a sad case
My canon 1000D is finally OOF and I have to spend around RM150 to fix it
Sigh sigh sigh...
NO wonder all my camwhore pic OOF pulak 

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