Jun 30, 2010

it is My Birthday

Thanks for the Loves from you, you and You!!

Seriously if you think my mind must have gone wrong for traveling all the way to The Gardens, and not to forget, getting stuck in the jam just for a LUNCH after a busy Night in Poppy
Do ask yourself, would you give up such a Nice coincidence of all things to be happening in one time?

I would like to thank all the good friends of Mine for coming.
Maaaa BFF
I am glad she is FREE for me *teeheee* Just so you know she is the Super BUSY girl in town man!!

Mr Kari
Hehee, don't you think I am just a mean girl?
LOL, if you are the same too, I am sure you know why I named him that way
He is currently in summer holiday in Malaysia.
HOw envious am I because this Mr Kari studies in United Kingdom

Mr Latey
He is always late, and let's see, I guess all 3 of us waited for him for like nearly an hour?
Just the nice nick right :p

Okie, you must be hungry because we were dining in TGIF, The Gardens

Lotsa nice nice food, you only can see but cannot eat
Not my pick, but Gary's.
Personally I don't like the drink itself but This Mojito tastes way better than the One in Friendscino
Rating : 5/10

Something sour but appetizing for the Next
Rating : 7/10

Wahahaha, the one of the most expensive dish in TGIF
I simply love the Jack Daniel dishes served.
Juicy, and tenderly grilled.
I always wanted to try the beef or lamb but no chance :(
Rating : 9/10

Yum yum, Me starts to love Pasta so much as there are so many varieties
Nevertheless, Carbonara is Maaaa favorite.
The gravy tastes good though. Just the pasta slightly softer to my liking.
Rating : 7/10

Ahh, this one, I am not quite sure what it is
the chicken is too dry but the pasta is super Cheesy yet not as creamy as I have expected
Rating : 6/10

Are you wondering how BAD looking am I after Hitting club in the Wee hours?
Jeng jeng jeng
Put on some concealer and mascara so you can't really judge but I know my hair super messy looking and wtf my lips are not healing yet =.=

Okie, hopefully it will be before this Sunday cause I am heading to Clinique Star Tour in Pavilion!! 
Anyone wanna tag along?

Before I end this post, there are More pictures, which I find them pretty HILARIOUS lol
The lovey Dovey?

YOU, yes You!!
That is so KARI style seriously

*cough cough*
Okay, it is officially the End here.
Hope I can get pictures for my hit-the-club night soon and fret not, I shall blog about it then

Jun 28, 2010

Clinique Star Tour 2010

DO excuse me if I am too kampung-ish about this
Is this the first time ever Clinique started with this Star Tour campaign?

Erm, maybe yes, in Malaysia?
From what I see I presume I am right *wink*

Guess you guys must have heard of Clinique right?
It is like the solution for the sensitive skin *apprehending* as well as 100% fragrance free?

This star tour is meant to attract ladies from the age of 15 to 25 to know more about Clinique and offer them a unique Clinique experience that is fun, and engaging!!
It is named as "Star Tour", reason being, you are being treated like Lady Gaga or Mariah Carey

tsk tsk
Just kidding, but of course you just need to purchase RM30 voucher and receive Clinique 3-step Skin analysis & prepping as well as sparing your precious 30minutes
you get
FREE HAIRDO by PROFESSIONAL STYLIST (you definitely get a copy of your photo ^^)
and better still
and Door Gift (worth approx. RM80)

Most importantly, Clinique is actually having a contest.
All the photos taken during the roadshows will be posted online and 25photos will be shortlisted for voting. 

The final 3winners will be featured on the cover of CLEO magazine and take home RM5,000 worth of Clinique products!!

Sounds intriguing right??
Check out the roadshows schedule here!!
Clinique has their very own makeover truck which accommodates 8makeover stations 

You never ever got left out

Imma so Going to go for it man.
Are you??

Proudly presented by MyC! and FeeqSays Network

Jun 27, 2010

Lotsa Loveee

Thanks to all the people whom actually made my day today, as well as yesterday.
Weee, I was enjoying my days to the max.
It proves that Putting aside urbanscapes 2010 is a Good choice to made.

Coz you know what?
My 21st birthday was left UNCELEBRATED and hell yea, I was totally WTF man.

aGain, thanks to you guys!!
I was having like more than hundred notifications on wishes from all of you while I was enjoying my birthday eve in POPPY for an event.

I was freaking drunk when I surfed the net using my Fake BB, and I was Flattered and the next thing you know I gonna give you a big HUG if you were there.

I can't list all of them here.
But thanks to my close friends, college mates, clubbing mates, or even never meet friends
At that point of time, I realised
I am totally NOT ALONE.
I was surrounded with LOTSA LOVESsssss
And I am really appreciating what little things you guys have done that made my day a TOTAL BLAST

Clubbing in Poppy with Cool companions + Lotsa FB &twitter wishes + Meet up with old Collegemates + Filling steamboat session with family 

I am so hyper right now and I just gonna give lotsa smooches right away!!
Muacksssss x infinity

Jun 25, 2010

FriendsCino FoOd Review

Woot, imma finally here for the first time!!
I missed the crocs launch earlier on but this time, courtesy of Advertlets & Feeq, here am I for the food review.

It was kinda rush all the way from Shah Alam, the jam *ughhh* was totally nerve breaking.
Anyway, it is worth the travel.

Dining in such a Cosy place is just the thing I wanted most
Especially after a whole day of work, and you DREAD for some alcohol

Frames after frames, totally match with the red background. 
In fact it is warm overall. 
See how enjoyable Yasmine & feeq?

Oh , they have some real antique photos of Marilyn Monroe 
*am I getting the name right?*

Or if you are a big fan of Pooling
Here you go, just the right thing for your craving. 

Besides you can watch FIFA world cup right here, *deep breath*, that is what LIFE suppose to mean.

Let's see who are the POsersss
haha, sincerely Yours, and Feeq.

Jeremy, Me, Waiyan, anGelkein & Feeq

Fish eye ROCKS!! see how many people is IN THE FRAME??

Without further ado, here Comes the food
here is the Lemon MOjito, FOC just for Girls from 7.30pm to 8.30pm
It tastes weird, and not really what I like.
In fact, the cookies shake is pretty awesoMe...too bad I have no picture of it.

HOW asian can it be lol
It is good but the price is 3times your mee Mamak at mamak stall, RM 12
Guess that differentiates fine dining and hawker stalls eh?

yummylicious to the Max!!
I never love mushroom soup that much until I tried this.
Totally creamy and full of gravy for the price of RM16
*finger licking good*
We even chewed off the whole bread lol

Another must try dish.
You can see how huge the prawns and mussels are.
Really worth the price, RM 16, and I love it!!

NOt too bad but not as good as Gardens's.
It is kinda bland and it costs RM16.

There are more dishes but I only managed to snap all these due to my battery died =.=
Okay, next time must charge my battery before I was out!!

In the meanwhile you can proceed to Feeq's DOT COM to have a look at the whole set of dishes served.

hitoMi signing off now to prepare for my interview at 3pm 

Jun 23, 2010

Last Class Gathering?

Finally everything is settled down.
Well in terms of studies, yea, like "FINALLY~~"
but in terms of my future, it is like "ermmm..." and *cross fingers*

I have so many TO-DO things in my list
Please distract me, seriously.

Oh yea, back to the great time we had in Chilis, KLCC
It was the biggest gathering of my class ever!!

thanks to Cheow Ling
Our class representative for 2years of hard work and dealing with the naughty monkeys like us and not to forget, for organizing this, maybe the last, class gathering

let's see who has turned up and made this gathering a success

Don't you think his fb username is so girlie? *please say yessss*

She has the sweetest smile ever but she looked darn emo in this pic

the Girl whoM just went to London to have a 3months summer course
How I wish I could go overseas too!!

So muCh thinking to do even he is supposed to enjoy the fine dining

another Getting poison for touching My DSLR

all the Girls :p
Saw anyone you are interested in? Tell me, I give you their contacts LOL

One last pic before we were going back
I am totally a disaster man...lack of sleep, lack of time for make up and stuffs. So please excuse me

*evil Grin*

Next up will be sNippets
Woot, sexy lips


Future Stock Analyst
He just have the super business man look, disguised as a student LOL

Katrine :" So tired man..I need some sleep"

Katrine : "OOi, stop it!!"

I admit I am bad
like a Bad ass
Enjoying posting up the so-not-presentable photos all the time

Hee, One more left :p but this is not too bad, am i right?

Oh yea, I had the weirdest mixture of free flow ever
tried before TOmaTO & pineapple?
The good thing is You get to taste both
the trick is dun mix it - first drink the tomato then the pineapple
it tastes bit funny but it is yuMmy to me
I kinda like it

not forgetting the tiny little souvenirs Chin Chong has brought for all of us
Cute dragonfly keychains, handmade but not by him
Thanks anyway!!

hope this is not the last gathering for all of us
*pray hard and make it happen*

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