Jan 29, 2010

Let's TGI Friday

Finally Mid term is DoNe
Taxation appears to be pretty easy, Just hope I don't underestimate it
As I said, I wanna Score

It is Friday, means, there are 3days Holidays that follow :
Thaipusam, Sunday, and Wilayah persekutuan Holiday!!
WoOt, Can you imagine how grateful I feel right now??

Friday & TGI Friday
What a Great coincidence it is!!
*awww...I have bit of sudden craving now*

every Munchy bite of Salmon is full with Jack Daniel's aroma
I want to have it aGain!!
Rating : 9.5/10

Creamy, and Slurp-able 
*hoho, how would it not be?*
Just kind of Bland to my liking
Rating : 7/10

3appetizers served in One "Three for all"
I love the Buffulo Wings, the rest are normal
Rating : 4/10

Hola, it is Us
*siMOn seow, Me, and GRiza*

Though it was long ago, but Janji the food is Nice lah, Right people??

SO have you voted for my photo??

it is just 5 steps
1. Join as fan @ http://www.facebook.com/canoncameramsia
2. Go to here @ http://apps.facebook.com/canon_eos_contest
*It is an application. You need to accept it*
3. Go to TheMe : Silhouette
4. Look for my photo @ 2nd Page *right bottom of the page after scrolled down*
5. Rate it with starsssss *the more the merrier*

PLease please please, I am bribing you with TGIF

Jan 27, 2010

Look who has turNed 21

On this particular Saturday, hitoMi travelled all the way from Batu Caves to Shah aLam 

Just for this

Pretty tranquil ain't it??

LoOk at this Exotic Picture

Have you ever seen Grandpa Kissing His Cucu??
Seriously for a Cucu this Big, I have not LOL

LoOk at the Prank

It serves you right, Mr Alex

LoOk at Jeffro's face

I think he is having COnstipation

LoOk at this Muka temBok

I know you very rich lah....

LoOk at the lines of Photographers

Excluding Me of course

Whoever is turning 21 is damn LuCky
You hear me right, Mr suresh

This is for You

the Happy family

Last but NOt least

A picture with the Birthday boy

Happy buffiday!!
Must be Good boy kay...
Don't naughty naughty

Jan 24, 2010


Hey peeps, hitoMi has a favor to ask from every single one of you here.
If you don't mind the complicated process as stipulated by the authority, bear with me kay?
*big huggies for those did*

Did you remember this particular photo??

It is posted under MC Asia

This photo is being filed in for CANON EOS CONTEST in Facebook
In order to win, I need your votes.

Just 6 steps to vote for me, if you like this photo

*It is an application. You need to accept it*
3. Go to TheMe : Silhouette
4. Look for my photo @ 2nd Page *right bottom of the page after scrolled down*
5. Rate it with starsssss *the more the merrier*
6. Post it on your wall, if you would, and do drop by my facebook wall and do some name dropping ^^  You can message me too

Arigato Gozaimas!!
Have a good weekend everybody

*hitoMi needs to study for mid term next week*

Jan 22, 2010

Let's Go Italiannies

HOhoho, Santa is Back.
Imma the new Santa, been so busy with all the gifts lately.
So now Imma back for blogging!!

I have my official dinner at Italiannies after being promoted to the Saint job ever

What they treat me is Lotsa lotsa lotsa Chili Flakesssssss
That tastes AWFUL

Alone of course.
But if you blend it with this

it is YuMmylicioussss
But it is way too salty to my liking.
Rating : 5/10
Gauge filling is 100%, this is what you should go for if You want to have a Filling meal

Last but not least, let's have soMe shake shake for the finishing


Jan 19, 2010

the Sexiest ever

In case you are not aware of, hitoMi has been following the Fashionising.com.
In fact, it is the best fashion blog I have came across ever

The pictures are AwesoMe
I just love how they photograph those Exotic FashioN shoot

LeMme suM up the GOodness of the Night
*in fact it is just 5-10minutes*

It is in fact Half Kini & the long hair does the trick..

Don't you thinking what I am thinKing?
Not too much and not too little

AS for this COming valentine, Victoria's secret is having their very own thematic lingerie.

I personally Fancy them very Much
But who the hell don't know they cost a BomB!!

MiranDa Kerr
is a 101% sweety, if I were guy, I will just melt right in front of her!!

HitoMi's own version is totally So not appealing LOL

Have a good Night sleep everyBody~~
That is all for toNight

Jan 18, 2010

Astro B.yond & HD relationship

Relationship is complicated.

when we Come across blood relationship, we Have no Bladdy control.

You can't decide which family to born into, what kind of parents you want, what kind of siblings you have etc etc etc
You are fate bounded.

In terms of latter, relationships are never easy.

Friendship, to a certain extent, it is You who choose who to get along with; to a certain extent, you might feel obligated.

Boy & Girl relationship (BGR) is somehow Wayyyyyyyyyyy complicated than you thought it might be

However, it seems like Astro & LG blend together pretty well.
In fact, it is a Great COllaboration!!

In bringing in High Definition experience to each and every Astro users...
That is how brilliant Business mind can be
*ehem ehem, I know I am*

Courtesy of Nuffnang, Me, being one of the Bloggers were privileged enough to witness Malaysia's First High Definition Television Commercial for Astro B.yond during AStro B.yond Bloggers Night at Modesto's Sri HartaMas.
*Though I got lost in the Journey and eventually Late but I was there right!!*

thanks to Suresh for Guiding me

When you talk about photography, I would say Get yourself a Digital SLR;

 *see the details on SmashPop face - this is exactly what Digital SLR can do better than a normal Digital Camera*
When you talk about Television Visual, I would say Get yourself AStro B.yond!!

The same theory here : Better quality comes from better COnvention.

And that explains why you have to Pay moreee for it.

If you are existing AStro users, I have a great news for you
You can just TOP UP RM20 monthly to enjoy HD experience for Sports, Movies, National Geographic
*requires 12months commitment*

But you get this Freeeeeee
*Check out more HERE*

This is how Good to be a Blogger
You get invitations to exclusive events,
You get free F&B

*Pasta, PizZa, beer*
you get to be featured

you get to Meet moreeeeeee bloggerss

we are like a Big family, and we just like to have FUN!!

The atmosphere is Tranquil, despite the fact that it is More like a club

with latest Music spinning whole night

the Photographers

Eventually My battery died half way LOL

the Performance

What an exotic hair style

the Band consists of different races from different Cultures, this is the real SATU MALAYSIA
Though I have no idea what instruments are they playing, but the performance is simPLy stunning!!

In conjunction with the introduction of Facebook Game for astro B.yond, we, the first batch of "White mice" had got the chance to Play "Murders in the details" and win FREEEeeee astro b.Yond set!!

*imma the Murderer*

TOo bad, our team Lost
The winning team had to fight against one another to win the Astro b.yond set.
what a DOG-eat-DOG competition
KY is one of the Dogs :p
But he was the dead meat
I guess even if our team won, I sure lose in the Q&A session

It was always fun to hang out as bloggers...

and we Could win prizes by BLogging about it

I just can't wait to win One for Myself..

See, even the emCee is so Enthusiastic about it!!
how COuld we not being the same??

Jan 12, 2010

wHen the Curtain is Closed

If you have been "stalking" hitoMi's territory for quite some tiMe, I bet you must have Came across this particular Post.

But I am not going to reveal so soOn

stay tuNed~~

to the Ladies, don't be Sceptical
to the Gents, don't be so horNy
I shall be riGht back

Jan 10, 2010

NYE Concert @ Curve

It has been two years I went to Curve for new year eve celebration.
HOwever, the latest NYE was my second experience ever celebrating outside with bunch of friends.
The first was at suNgai wang.
Must say it is really a crazy throng of Crowdsss

The emCees of NYE Concert this time was JOey G and his partner

He is really talented. He spins, he talks, he JOkes
Oh Man, he is Handsome too...must be real Lucky to be his another half.

Here is One of the male singers

Although I have no idea who is he, but He jumps, he raps, he is totally RoCking his way out

Of course, we Had our pretty Superstar, Kay

No doubt she is adorable with the Mini jacket and Skirt, and Most importantly
She definitely has her own taste of fashion and it suits her Sweet, demure appearance well enough.

I did not stay long because I had a bigger mission to Find the MISSING PERSONSsss
You know who are they...we Got lost
Actually we Got separated, and it is Effing hard to find them in the Throng of Crowdsss

This marks the end of this post

I am sure there are MOre coverages on this NYE concert OUt there

Cheerio, it is 2010 now.
Have fun and Live the Brand new year

Jan 9, 2010

Let there be Light

I am not really UP-to-date person with latest happenings.
Reading newspaper is not my
kind of thing, and What remains of my sole source of information will be News session on television.

I guess most of you must have heard of the arson of churches in Kuala Lumpur.
The issue between religions are always sensitive, and this tiMe it was aroused and causing hostility between Christians and Muslims.

whatever it is, Just pray that the conflict shall be solved and

Let there be Light

Jan 6, 2010

Happy Day Happy Mason

maSon Boy invades hitoMi's territory Once again.

Mischievous as he is; Relentless ambush on every possible drawers, cupboards, fridges; Restless and Hyperactive

Haha, I wonder will his parents read this
*tsk tsk*

But one thing for sure, he is just the Happy boy everyday round whenever he babbles unknown incantations, rocks to the music, or even chews on his cute little bunny biscuits

You see what I mean *wink*

Simple thing like this can Make your day

or Maybe not us, the grown ups, but would it be what you want if you are doomed the whole day?

~~~ Be happy and sMile ~~~

Jan 4, 2010

e Curve | New year eVe

Happy 2010 everyBOdy~~
So how is your kickstart of 2010??
Still finding yourself writing 2009 again and again??

this picture depicted how I felt that night...
thanks for the Companies of Matthew, CCR, Hann Yann & JoHn

Guess what, we have the same BIRTHDAY same YEAR and in fact, he is slightly....slightly...older than me

as Happening as it is, e Curve, where the Nightmare BEGINSssss

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