Aug 31, 2009

hitoMi goNe crazy

Happy merdeka again, it is 31st August 2009 today.
Starting from tomorrow, the Petrol price shall rise
Why our pay still remain stagnant??

Back from digression, so Here is Hitomi

Sitting in front of the study table and start camwhoring

Acting cute and doing all sort of faces

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, ACCA is killing me!!

So going to Chew the 6 Books this semester!!

Bless Me please~!!

Happy MerdeKa everyBody

31 August 2009 Marks the 52th merdeka of Malaysia.
It has been so long, without much realisation
as the saying goes, time flies

Happy merdeka to all malaysians, and esp bloggers whom read this.

if you were to ask me Counting back what I have done this year, I hardly remember any

I have been stucking with Studies, OMG, and now, between studies, photography, and blog

I wish I was the doMokun

I want to ROAR ALL my STRESS OUT!!!!

Aug 29, 2009

RanDom exploration

the saturday before Merdeka Celebration is a holiday for me
I need not to work

I am damn happy for that. I need much break that I initially thought
what I did for today was a ranDom exploration of which I had to wake myself up at 6am

Damn sleepy and the sky was like this

Sleepy betul lah...but then it is worthwhile

Sneak peak around KL, and some deserted places

that yet to be disclosed

Aug 27, 2009

My first Model pHotoshoot

WoOt, here you go
this set is Mine

Many thanks to Mike Yip and I love this very much

And i make it my header ^^

Besides shooting Eva, this is what we did On the same day itself

He thinks this the best >.<

Last but not least, eMO shot that ends this post
it reminds me of this

Too fast and too furious, I cant help but hoping that I can have holiday
Merdeka is Coming, what is your plan??

Aug 26, 2009


Ohayo Gozaimas, Though I know it is not that early either, But I am here again
*can someone please scold me??*

watched Murderer yesterday prior to the official release

So I shall present to you my personal review of the MOvie

Starring by aaron kwok

I would say he is a good actor by Seeing the transition of Mr Good into Mr Desperado

Thanks to the Adopted son, Sonny, here. You will never know what is Coming after you

Yes, aaron kwok has never expected someone could just put traps around him, making him gone crazy thinking that he is the One that murdered those innocent neighbours of his

Disgusted, definitely it is but again, it was not shown.

worst still, eventually He killed his best mate here. Pathetic enough.

The death of his wife was the point that drove him crazy.

That is when he turned into a maniac killing the ACTUAL MURDERER in order to save his one and only sister.

Everything started because of his big BULLY attitude in his young age.
I shall not reveal any further, it is for you to find out ^^

remember the movie Orphan??
You might not see the link between these two movies
But the thing is they are very much the same.

First, they started off with adoption of Child, without knowing their actual identity. That is the point where all the nightmares started.
Deaths, unexplained miseries, etc etc

Now you see my point?
SO you shall patch up the puzzles by yourself then.

Rating : 7.5/10

*hitomi Signing off*

Aug 24, 2009

GreeN & rare Beetle

this was taken pretty long ago
But this particular green bug caught my attention

My car broke down, and I resorted to drive my dad's car, and after I reached home

I spotted this Cutie

Just can't help to Capture soMe ranDom pictures of it ^^

Aug 23, 2009

Pieces of thiNgs at Envy Club

it was quite a sudden plan when siMon seow Asked me to go for this Soft launch.

So here am I, waiting at Desa Park City, for his Pick up

Felt kinda stupid coz they didn't really serve food, but rather snacks, which was way way later

aFter I had this

they had performance on the stage and I had companies here

Love in the EnVy

we Had a Random Guy came up and showed us soMe magic

Guess what is he going to do??
Say, put two Polos ring together!!
aNd spot the Card in May & her Boyfriend's hand??
it is this random guy made two Cards into One both sided card

more performances by Hot hunk & sexy ladies

It was Humid and hot down the stage, so yea, I decided to get some cigar for the first time

Here you go, 50bucks, POOF!!

the ciGar goes to Simon!!

it was Cool and chilling up here, as compared to yea, I so reluctant to leave haha...

BTW, I didn't grab any cigar lol...haNya siMon yang grab

Aug 22, 2009

PeePing in EnVy

here Comes the launch of EnVy club at Solaris, Mont Kiara

Do you love the Trademark??

I do I do...

So here am I

In EnVy's Looo

Love the skywat Bridge they have on upper floor...

See the heads down there and You see what's happening Up there too!!

waNna see what performaNce they have??

hee, what cha think?? it is My first tiMe watching such performance lol

Last but not least

Once again Beat-du-ba-la-boxing!!

Aug 20, 2009

wHo I met featuring Envy Club

Exam will be here soon...time for more torture >.<

okie, back to my JePunism territory

Met few fresh faces, guess who??

haha, yes, these two are new faces

aNd i have soMe old faces in my blog haha!!

haha, Digicam quality, macam ini lah.

baNyak lagi tentang enVy
jangan lupa "jatuh pada" hitomi5 BLogSpot ya

Aug 19, 2009

Little hisses aBout orPhan

watChed orPhan yesterday and hitoMi is going to touCh alittle bit about the Movie

It was BLOOOOODY HELLISH to be in the movie.
NO one would want to be, I suppose.
Right guys??

Gonna write something different. soMething like previous District 9.

Whether a person is sane or not, it does not give him or her the right to kill.
It is ethically wrong.
And Fart it, Esther killed and did so gruesomely, Just for the plain reason for not getting what she wanted.

She looks like 9years old but she isn't. She is an EVIL WITCH!! She killed john for not Having SEX with her

She forced Max to do whatsoever things that she thought are all RIGHTFULLY to do so.

Poor Max, I like her so Much. So adorable and cute BUT kate & John have no idea what had they doNe that ruinned their oNce-happily-ever-after-family

THey have brought in a DEMON, a WITCH, or whatsoever you wanna name her

In the end, Kate is the only oNe realizing all the hell things that happened that Esther has managed to pull around with people around them.

Nobody trust Kate but onLy kate knows Esther has to be KILLED.

Esther, or to be exact, Leena, has not even deserved to be qualified to be mentally disturbed!! She should have be prosecuted from the very first crime!!

In a nutshell, hitoMi is very grateful that lines of good movies thrilled her way out.
District 9, Orphan & coming soon Final Destination.
Rating: 9/10
Must watCh!!

Aug 18, 2009

I Don’t Want to Rest in Pieces like Final Destination

OMG, I am not wrong
something is NOT RIGHT!!


*biting Fingernails*

Anybody help me???

Orphan Here I Come!!

Initially I thought I wont be getting any invites since the emails sent out was on last thurs.
So yea, I did quote for it here

tHinking that, It is ok lah...biasalah tu
But I was surprise when I saw the mail

Wee!! hitoMi is Going to orpHan toNight!!
now thinking who to bring

Aug 16, 2009

FarmLand steamBoat

Again, another pending post...
Guess how long it has been??
*you guess yea, tell you later*

it was my first time visiting farmland steamboat
I googled it and found the location, and roughly drove our way there

Normal steamboat dishes

This is what we Came for!! the Porridge soup. we Ordered both Tomyam & porridge

this is My moM, whom currently holidaying at BeiJing with my nepHew, joachiM

My aunt, whom always complain me for not doing houseworks, which I did OKie!!

My dad

My bro, whom currently recovering from sickness

Last but not least, Me!!

WoOkie, how long do you think we dined in this restaurant??

It was one week before Father's day 2009!!

speNt 100++ for celebrating both MOther's day and Father's day together
worth it right??

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