Jul 29, 2009

TurKish Love

it is a Random WedNesday
hitoMi is Heading to enVy club toNight
*fuLL of enViously filled air *

as uSual, refraining myself from the Net and yet I failed

still Got lots more to Do and so Little tiMe

HeNnessy Artistry Photos are left untouChed
soRry for the deLay

stay tuned while enjoying tHis turKish love

Jul 27, 2009

welCome back Chee Hoo san

this is the Special posting for mr Chee Hoo san, whoM has left TAR College for quite some time and decided to proceed with his studies in Ipoh.

HOla it was school holiday and he caMe back to Visit us!!

PiCa tiMe

instead of listeNing to the Lecture, we ended up Snapping Picas LOL.

wOopsy, sorry for the poor quality of Photos, it was taken using my Olympus
Now you see How muCh a digiCam and DSLR can do >.<

Last but Not least

My girl girl & Me

Stay strong and we will get this Over soOn

Jul 26, 2009

maSon the Pasta Stealer

The pasTa stealer is Once again aPpearing in Hitomi5 BloGspot.
this tiMe, no more Pasta to steal

Instead he Stole my shots away

tHis small little MasOn just Love to TouCh whatever he saw

He Likes to PeeP whenever He spotted soMething

He Likes to Chew on anythiNg that he ThinKs yuMmy

eVen my Highlighter failed to esCape from the Licky destiNy

He is suCh a Poser

Just see it Yourself!!

Jul 24, 2009

wHite affectioNe

Ish, what on earth is happeNing
My tyre went flat and the Bumper got BanGed!!

My luck is Real bad, Shooooo

hopefully HeNnessy is still On


Jul 23, 2009

heNnessy artistry here I Come

heNnesSy artistry, the Global art of Mixing, is back!!

Isn't it valid reason to Be part of the Party??

It will be on this saturday, 25th July2009, at Bukit Kiara *anxiously Counting the date*

And definitely

Jul 22, 2009

hitoMi ruleZ diStriCt 9

If yOu want to trepass this aRea, you Might want to ThiNk aGain


yOu are Part of theM, like Me, Don't believe??
Catch me on 12th August 2009, 9pm at Cineleisure damanSara.

How could I miss the show Man!!
I am Part of District 9!!

Come My lady
Come coMe my lady
You are ButterFLy
sugar Babe

Grab your tickets here too ^^

Jul 20, 2009

hOw I misSed BreakOut dance

BreakOut daNce was a hiLarious ass kicking blast
I wish wish wish I could be there

How duMb I have been...
I won the tiCkets from LG but I didn't get the tickets mailed to me
SoooOOO....i cannOt enter the DanCe hall either
*smaCk head*

Pathetically, I actually went to KLCC and met up with those BunChes of friends and Had diNner of whiCh i eventually realise the Disaster that struck me so Badly!!

eVerything seeMed so perfect

D foOd

thouGh pricey and So so quality

D comPanies

aNother loNg siGh~~~~
hitoMi hitoMi, don't ever do such a stupid thing EVER!!

to wrap things Up

It was nice to Hang Out with yOu guys

If onLy it was Much Perfect....

Jul 18, 2009

sTatioN one, Coffee, and Mates

it has been such a long time that I have lost contact with my seconDary school mates, But glad that I had made up for this Primary schoolMates gathering.

how Long it has been??

*scratch head*
No idea leh...

Not maNy of us, nothing much about it

drink drink, talk talk, blow water

so who maDe their aPpearances this tiMe??

haha...this two Guys here used to be very tiny PiMpies in class but see how well they have grown up

Gayish, don't you thinks so???

and this Guy here....

is that a Good thing that this Camera shy Guy here failed to recognise me??
Maybe lol...I won't ever disclose any of my school age photos man!!

tiMe flies, and hitoMi has grown Up *sigh*

But still there is always time for Coffee

Jul 16, 2009

Last PieCe of JuNgle shot

Hitomi Hisses : Just finished my final mid term paper and I was crapping again, *ehem* since when it has become so naturally cultivated....I have no idea how much I will score as the uncertainty left unestimated >.<
Back dated to 26 May 2009, my friend, eric & I did this photoShoot in Tar College.
It was the worst nightMare ever
Can you imagiNe you just stand there for mere seconds and the Mosquitoes will give you Countless Love bites??
Cut the Crap Man, don't ever go there >.<
so here is the Final piece of photoShoot, which is rather Out of the theme - Lost in JunGle

searching for shelter under the misty rain
*owh, how nice if I were to stuck in my bed and having my Sweet Honey Lemon Dream*

Cornelius, being the model of the day, got the most shots ever but this would be the only satisfying shot

wHich one do you prefer??

thanks for the company, for the mischief, for the mosquitoes and for the rain
**Show Me soMe loVe**
Clubbing Plan is Called off
I want a Break!!

Jul 12, 2009

takiNg a break

Ola readers, hitoMi would be having exam on this coming week

three Mock-tests-like-mid-term-papers to be doNe and 2to3hours each *sigh*

I have no choice but to Chew every siNgle page of My booksssssssssss

But, I have soMe consolations!!

hitoMi will be going Poppy on Thursday - to have FUN!!!! *woOt*

TuesDay, I will have dance Lesson for MiChael JacksoN thriLLers - it is MissioNary
*shh, just between You and Me*

21st I will be goiNg broGa hill for Hiking for sunset for everyThing under the Sun & MOon ^^

So basically I can't be here most of the tiMe. ParDon me.

For tarCians whom will be having Convocation in July, hitoMi is offering herself for hire.

It is suCh A great Deal that you miGht not want to Miss by having hitomi running Your errand (shooting pHotos for yea)
for just
RM 60 (2hours) and PromiSing you Unlimited shots!!!

so What cha waiting for??
Contact me if You are interested.

Jul 10, 2009

MoOn Kuasa Dua

9th July 2009 MorninG 7am

the Moon was a total Roundish to the Max, shimmering its Light so brightly that I squinted.
Apart from that, I spotted something unusual.

Initially, I thought of my lens dust, but it did not seem so after few shots...

The unknown object was swiveling around the Moon in certain degree of Orbit

Most probably it was the MooN's Moon
so is
Moon Square


Finally, the nice MooN without Unknown Moon

it is a friday night now. How coMe I can't go for Partay like the rest??

Jul 9, 2009

wHo eats D pasTa!!

are You huNgry By now??
are You Craving for Pasta so Badly that You would just Drive out and eat theM??

But WAIT!!

WoOpsy, how Could that Possibly be??
wHo goBbled it doWn!!

*Look around FuRIOUSLY*

AHA!! Here you nauGhty Boy

wHo asked You to fiNish them ALL *PinCh*

Faster CONFESS!!

There is No exCuse for you Not to TALK

*storming around*

He ate theM all~~~
sorry Readers, No more for ya....

Jul 7, 2009

Pasta anyOne??

it is 5.22pm now, Just Doing a short post toDay.
I thiNk i have certain degree of affection towards Pasta, Oh my, I want it now too!!

Don't you thiNk it Looks deadly Tempting??

Okie woKie, goTTa go and Bury myself now *stifled*

Jul 6, 2009

urBanscaPes coMe late

waNna an esCape from the Urban hecticness??
Just the RiGht time for UrBanscaPes on 27 JuNe 2009 - Just fall riGht on my Birthday and there it went my 21st BirThday

I thiNk Zues did a pretty GOod Job in covering the eVents - of Course it comes with TonNes of PhoTos
whiLe mine is soMehow SponTaneOusly doNe and uneXpected.

so Shall we KiCk it Off now??

there were aLot of secTions like X-marketplace, X-lawn stage, x-sNaps booth, sunSet disCo etc etc

Practically I spent most of my tiMe liNgering around, alOne, perhaps that was what I prefer
I can shoot whatever I want, need not to wait for anyOne - that is soMething I called "Stress-less"

the eNtrance to KLPAC - seriously It was daMn packed with huMaNs *Oops, should be UrBansssss*

I met few bloGgers whom made frequent appearances in My bloG



eWin Ee with his aLpha

aNd there were few bloGgers whom made their first aPpearanCe too

DaVid with CinCau's DSLR *i thiNk so*

sMashPop in real PersoN!!

aNnie, jaCkie's gf

Oops, I forGot her name But she is not bloGger but my ex-colleague in KPMG

Let's peeK aRound, shall we??

You can see all sorts of recycled materials left haNging on the entrance whiCh lead you to here

Live band perFormance at Sunset Disco

PeoPles around the Live baNd performance Stage

Hmm, don't you think it is kinda UnexpeCted - You must be wondering where is this place right??

It leads you to the Koi pond

wHere you can see Fish

and alSo lotsa Dragon Flies!!

But then there is this PiNk dragOnfly which Just can't help but flied around and Came back to the very saMe spot again and again

getting reaDy for departure

wHere is this PLace??

hee, tHis is the KLPAC building - toLd you so, UrBansss around you!!

spoNge Dolls for sale

Big oNe small One - what you want??

aLot of Cute stuffs inside the KLPAC exhibition!! I just Can't help to take a Shot, instead of Buying >.<
another staGe performance inside the Building

the liGhting system was daMn nice, I love it

watched SumoLah at Cinescapes with few BloGgers - MuSt say it was very Funny and it brought new perspective about suMo

the movie ended and followed by this extraordinary DanCe performance

By a jaPaNese guy whom Dressed in a Bridal dress!!

Coupled with Band performance

OMG, seriously it was stuNning but it was way too lengthy and laCk surprise elements

Kay kay, enOugh about the Guy.
let's go and have soMe fresh air^^

tHere was Loud druMming and huge crowds over here

Guess wHat were they watcHing??

soMe daNces with the rHythm & some speCial toNgkat LOL

aNd they had lotsa DruMmers over here

eVen youNg oNe!!

Move it to the X-Lawn

LoOk who was here!!

PoP shuVit kiCking out the blaSt

Oh yea, there was a Zouk barsoNic booTh

spiNned by this DeeJay over here - ain't he Look korean with the Hair??

as the Night veil fell, the Fire started to Burn

I had few shots - tHis is the Spiral shot

tHe cirCle - try Out with the LonG shutter, bet you will Love it!!

That's all for the Related stuffs
Now is the tiMe for some canDid shots

ReaDy to Pose??

Came to urBanscapes to play PSP LOL

tHe opeNing cereMony done N-tiMes by these group of people here - so L-A-M-E!!

Nah, let me show you My masterPieces *wiNk*

raTher stylish and casual but sMokers

two Pretty Girls posing under the tree - ain't that sWeet??

Isn't that the reason why you Guys wanNa coMe to urBanscaPes??

waiTing for the Next??

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