Mar 31, 2009

CaNon EOS 1000D virGin shots

Wakaka...toDay is the Third day already but I Have Not really shoot soMething which I think InterestiNg and imPressive. Still need tiMe to get to Know my caMie yea^^

Here are soMe VirGiN shots...

reMember I said where we settled doWn?? Just underneath this LaMp^^

SaLmoN FussinG with LeNs caps LOL...Dai sai Ciu

CaNon advertiseMent ^^ DelighTing you always...was TryiNg BokeH shot - 50mm, 1/80s, F2.2, ISO 400, Manual Mode, Flash off - DOne by EriC, the Sifu

SaLmon has GOt poiSoned!!

He played with 40D wei!!

StiLL got loads of pictures with EriC but I have no Idea when he Could have Processed theM...I am Waiting, EriC!!

TesT shOts yesterday~~

Halo, everyBody I am 1, I am 2, I am 3, I am 4, I am 5

Be paTient yea, wait in Line, that's riGht!!

4 waNna ask 5 soMething but sHy sHy

5 & 1 - unKnoWn seCrets... the Rest were Busy ke Po-ing edi

1 Feels daMn unCOmfortable as he Overheard 2 & 3's conVersations

suBject chaNged^^

waNt soMe ciNnamon stiCk??

It is ChrisTmas Deco, hand Made by my Cousin's wiFe^^ very Cute LadyBird

Mar 29, 2009

DCIM showcase @ MId Valley - 290309

HeLLo everyBody, HitoMi is back to furnish another Post.
Today and the days after, it won't be the saMe anymore.

Heee...On my way to DCIM Showcase at Mid Valley MegaMall...ReaLize anything unUsual??

HitoMi was not coming for VeloCity angels but Something Important

MeeTing EriC for the first tiMe @ the Main entrance - another TarCian but different Course

ConsiDering the Space of the showCase, not many of the booths were participating.
CaNon, Nikon, Lumix are the three Main booths with the throngs of people testing DSLRs and Cameras.
Apart from these three were some booths selling studio lighting system, large scale printers...not my concern anyway^^

I was busy doing SoMething else while I assiGned siMon a.k.a SaLmon fisHy, whom makes frequent appearance in My blog, for sHooting with mY piNkish Camera

He is My granDpa haha!! Damn SS oNe

Here are soMe masterpieces of Photographers showcased in the Showcase LOL

However each of them Have something CommOn yet...

Unusual...can AnyoNe spot it?

the Most groteque picture!! PainFul man...

Hmm...let me tell you. Notice the Ball of light over there?? It does not belong to any Original Picture but Mine...because it was from the Spot liGht illuminating the Pictures!!

NiKor - sound so Dai Lou haha!!

tHe stage where VeloCity angels Made their Final apPearance

SpotLight - Checked

Photographers - Checked

Ladders - Checked

Love the FeeLing of this Picture...soMething I would do if I were to see this. Maybe siMon has potential too!!

tHe reason Why I assigned Simon is plainly simPle...

CauSe I was too Busy testing Camera. In fact, EriC was the One doing all the Testing for Me ^^

FiNally I have One DSLR for Myself!! Congrats Me please...I have spent 2199bucks on This. It comes with 8GB and 4GB memory cards and a Dumb-looKing bag *I want CaNon bag la!!*

we Settled OurseLves at McDonald. not to Eat but to Play with CameraSsss. As you see, this is Definitely Not my 1000D but eriC's 40D - DamN professional...

EriC + Canon 40D with 18-200mm + Hitomi + Canon 1000D with 18-55mm

PoSe la sikit, EriC ini...saMe expression saja!!

Told you so...we Played with CAmeras

MaCam spokePerson for Canon DSLR saja LOL

InDeed we Had alot of fun playing with DSLR...

Must remember to SS juga!! I know My eye Liner smudged dah...

even SiMon has Got Addicted and Subsequently he was thinking which One to Buy le??

Exactly what I have been experiencing after Playing with Darren's D40 and Eggy's D60 - See...keNa poiSoned!!

Hee..HitoMi is CaNoN kaki tapi tak Bias!! unlike crazyWrazy...BiAs sial

SiMOn tak tahan dah...

KeeP SS with our CAmeras...*he wanna Have them ALL*

He Can Multitask and Shoot with Two cameras - aMazing~~

Haha...tak habis habis comparing lagi

See the difference after fully zooMed both Lenses?? 18-55mm VS 18-200mm

I can't wait to ShoOt with My DSLR!! *it is CharGing right now*

Mar 28, 2009

I will Be

60 Earth Hour has Passed. I have my whoLe house in Pitch Dark, did you?? ShaMe on you if You didn't!!

siNce I would be Going to Nuffnang Music Bash 2009 this 4th April as aVril LaviGne, so I thought of Doing this Video, just for fun~~

tHis is real, this is Me, I am where I am supposed to be now, Gotta let the Light, ShiNe on me...
Okie, I know I look Panda-ish and lack of Sleep, with few pimples too!! Do bear with me

Haha...suddenly Wanted to sing so Muchie.
Gotta sign Off now...

toMorrow shall be the day. the Day I am Going broke!!
See anyOne of you in DCIM showCase^^

Mar 27, 2009

CoOl aNimation

Feel Bored and wonder wHat to do while surfing Aimlessly??

I am bloGging at work right Now. Just waNna run the risk of Sharing this Cool animation with you^^


Definitely not Spam or Virus. Rest assured^^

Mar 26, 2009

‘I’m a Musicon Celebrity thanks to Maxis Broadband’ aFterMath

GetTing ProPs Done,
CaMera Ready,
LeaVing earlier from Shah Alam to Wangsa Maju,
Stucking in JaM,
tryiNg out PanTai Highway for the First tiMe

EveryThing was DoNe in such a HuRRy, finally the Effort is Paid Off ^^

In Case you have Missed my previous Entry on I'm MusicOn thanks to Maxis Broadband, Here you Go, have a Peep!!

HaVe You Been Stalking to My blog?? HaVe you ever Noticed the Poll at the Top right side of My Blog??
tHe mystery of Me going as who will be revealed in this Post...

so the QuesTioN is
who Am I goiNg to ImpersoNate in the Coming Nuffnang MusiC Bash 2009 on 4th April 2009 at MaiSon, KL??
EnJoy pictures!!

aNy QueRies now??

Not hitoMi taKahashi, Not BoA, not AyuMi HamasaKi, is AvRil LaviGne!!

tHe invitation Makes me Simply can Dance on the street Man!!
Not onLy this, I would be Getting My DSLR this SuNday, yes, Finally.
The Model which I would probably go For is either 1000D or D60.
Not really having Much budGet because I am self financed, no sponsor at all..

sTay tuNed to for My DSLR VirGin shots!!

Mar 24, 2009

HitoMism is the RiGht word - Part II

tHis is the Continuance of the First Part, the question is wHere am I heading to??

Haha...waNna know??

hehe...Not Going to Tell you!!

waNna beat me??

I know You won'T geh!! because...

I am so Kawaii & aDorable kan??

BleK :p

I am Not that Old okie?! Just 21 tHis year...

I adMit la...I'm PoSer...LOL

Neh...tHis Picture LooKs familiar?? started to Shoot without MirroR

tHen with MirroR, tapi the MirroR not smoOth and Clear

tHis camera not that Good for portraits...I am DaMn serious...espeCially when shooting for Malaysian DreamGirls II

SliGhtly shaKe will Make it goes Blur liKe this...

But Maybe because My hand is not Stable too...

How Can?!

it Can't be Right???

aNyway, I am going to Get my DSLR this SuNday!! Wee~~

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