Oct 13, 2008

Hitomi's working style

You are a great innovator in the field of ideas. You trust your intuitive insights into the true relationships and meanings of things, regardless of established authority or popularly accepted beliefs. Problems only stimulate you--the impossible takes a little longer, but not much.
[ TOo hard to be understood ]

You are independent and individualistic, being governed by inspirations that come through intuition. These inspirations seem so valid and important that you sometimes have trouble understanding why everyone does not accept you. [ Yea yea yea~!!!why can't they accept me??? ]

Your inner independence is often not conspicuous because you value harmony and fellowship; you work to persuade others when you devote yourself to carrying out a sound inspiration, attracting followers by your enthusiasm and faith. You lead by winning (rather than demanding) acceptance of your ideas.

You are most content in work that satisfies both your intuition and your feeling. The possibilities that interest you most concern people. Teaching particularly appeal to you, whether in higher education, or through the arts or ministry. Your intuition provides insight into the deeper meanings of the subject and you take great satisfaction in aiding the development of individual students.

When your interests lie in technical fields, you may be outstanding in science, or research and development. Intuition suggests new approaches to problems and feeling generates enthusiasm that sparks your energies. Intuition powered by feeling may be of immense value in any field if not smothered in a routine job.

Some problem may result from your single-minded devotion to inspirations. You may see the goal so clearly that you fail to look for other things that might conflict with the goal. It is also important that your feeling is developed, since this will supply necessary judgment. If your judgment is undeveloped, you will be unable to evaluate your own inner vision and will not listen to feedback from others. Instead of shaping your inspirations into effective action, you may merely try to regulate everything (small matters as well as great ones) according to your own ideas, so that little is accomplished.

[ Perhaps...Not quite understand this ]

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