Oct 18, 2008

Dusun Eco Trip - Part VIII

This post is going to be the final one. Thus, it is the longest with the most pictures!!

Nothing much to do at the final day.

After we went back from the hanging bridge, we woke everyone up!! LOL

Jeffrey made us some special crackers filled with honey. It was delicious, thanks!!

Yang was enjoying the tasty cracker in the morning with the natural lullaby>>>

Faster say thanks to me, Yang!! I took the best picture of yours!!

Hehe....Obviously I was enjoying the cracker while Jeffrey was promoting his crackers

Morning everyone!!

We took pictures around>>>

What a nice arrangement - so earthy, so natural

and in the camp>>>

Our slippers^^ Giant legs!! it Belongs to Yang

Nice shade...Yang was busy exploring with my camera

Hugging the sleeping bag of Mun Hoe's...he asked me to help him keep it back...Gosh!! know how to use but don't know how to put it back!!

Thanks Yang for the photos!! I love this^^ Yang kept insisting it looks so album-cover-like, what do you think??

My turn to play with Yang's camera...

Then only we headed to canteen and had our last breakfast>>>

The sandwiches were not bad though...

Albert signaled us to take the photo..LOL

I did not bath. Just too lazy and unwilling to bath at the place anymore. Just wait few more hours then I can go back and take a nice cozy bath!!

We had the winner – x X x team. Short moment of post mortem followed by quick lunch. Practically the breakfast and lunch was just one hour in between, how to fill our stomach??

By the time we left, we took a lot of pictures for memories^^

our group pictures!!

xXx team - with Yang's sleeping look & Mun HOe's shocking look

Credits go to me for this^^

why is it everybody showing their butts?

a Spontaneous one!! I love it so much...

Yep!! Mostly with Bong Yang’s camera because he is the camera man!!

Of course I was one of the photographer too!! Now...with my camera>>>

GreeNies!! with only one girl, who is Me!!


When two photographers finally done their assignments^^

We boarded the truck and ready to go back to where-we-belong!!

By the way, where is Anson??

Gosh gosh gosh…he fell in love with the cat!!

Anson:" Darling ar darling, wait me yea!! I will come back to find you"

Cat:" Meow...meow~~"

Last picture to present>>>

without my conscience…

Haha…It was fun to get to know juniors although I am a sleeping member^^

And I am not regretting to go for this trip because the experience far weighed what I have lost^^ Memories forever!!

I missed it so MUch!!


  1. Salmon f1sh6:08 PM

    y when 1st time i c tiz blog post.
    i tot is yang one d lo.
    so similar..
    i shud wake up early.
    or even sleep v u.
    so i can taste d crackers as wat it seen so yummy!!
    n u b yang's model of d day..
    al d group pix was jux so awesome..
    nothin could compare c d fun we hv !!
    d pix of u n yang look like him so fake.
    d legs b short n hv big head symptoms ju..
    we bck wher we r belong to b.
    but i guess we nvr regret to join tiz trip ever.
    i guess i shud happi u hv join us rite?
    at d end..
    we express d same feelings.
    we do rily MISS d TRIP!!~~

    o.O Salmon f1sh O.o

  2. Aishe, Yang's only two posts...Mine is longer^^

    haha...you should have done so ma!! But too bad no chance liao...

    Yea...first time be the model.

    Of course group pictures are awesome^^ it is compiled from me and Yang lol...

    Aiyo...he purposely bent - that explains why...Wakaka!!

    I was super glad and thankful for being there!! although I did not know most of them but now I DO!!


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